Microsoft Names Aparna Gupta As Leader Of Global Delivery Center

Microsoft has recently announced that Aparna Gupta will be taking over as the CEO of the Global Delivery Center (GDC). This appointment is part of Microsoft’s strategic plan to improve its leadership team.

It is expected that Ms. Gupta will play a crucial role in extending Microsoft‘s commitment to offering cutting-edge solutions to its global clientele in this capacity, where she will be responsible for leading customer innovation and delivery excellence on behalf of Microsoft.

The Delivery Arm of Microsoft for the GDC

Industry Solutions Delivery is the delivery arm of Microsoft’s Global Delivery Center (GDC), which has its origins dating back to its founding in Hyderabad in 2005. The GDC serves as the delivery arm of Industry Solutions Delivery.

Bangalore and Noida are the two additional places that have been added to its footprint throughout the years through expansion.

There are four Centers of Excellence (CoE) that specialize in app innovation, data and artificial intelligence, infrastructure and security, and business applications. The Global Development Center (GDC) is a multidimensional entity that encompasses all of these areas.

In addition, it is responsible for managing essential operations such as the administration of partners and deliveries, as well as delivery and adoption management.

Aparna Gupta is a visionary person who is a leader.

In her new position, Aparna Gupta brings with her more than 25 years of experience in the sector as well as substantial experience working for Microsoft.

Because she joined Microsoft six years ago in the capacity of India lead for Commercial Software Engineering (formerly known as ISE), she has constantly made a beneficial impact on the company’s operations.

Because of her extensive knowledge of Microsoft technologies, she is a major participant in assisting customers in the planning and deployment of solutions that are ready for the future, particularly in the environment of artificial intelligence, which is constantly evolving.

At Microsoft, Aparna’s Most Important Roles

Aparna served as the Executive Director for Customer Success at Microsoft India & South Asia before to taking over as the leader of GDC. In this role, she was responsible for assisting clients in effectively maximizing the return on their investments in the Microsoft cloud platform.

Her previous positions include that of General Manager, India for Commercial Software Engineering (CSE), in which she was responsible for facilitating high-impact enterprises and developer communities in utilizing Microsoft’s intelligent cloud and edge.

Establishing a Foundation for Microsoft’s Innovation and Impact on a Global Scale

Aparna Gupta, who was recently appointed to the role of CEO of the Global Delivery Center (GDC), is well-positioned to steer Microsoft into a new era of innovation and delivery excellence, thereby establishing the business as a global leader in the field of technology.

The continuous expansion of Microsoft and its influence on the industry are both anticipated to be significantly influenced by her strategic vision and dedication to the success of the company’s customers.

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