India-Sri Lanka Joint Military Exercise Culminates at Southern Command in Pune

sri lanka

sri lanka

The Southern Command Foreign Training Node in Pune was the location where the Mitrashakti 2023 joint military exercise, which was a collaborative effort between the Indian Army and the Sri Lankan Army, came to a successful conclusion.

The exercise, which lasted for a total of twelve days, was designed to improve participants’ comprehension of each other’s operational strategies and tactics.

Involved Major Players

As a demonstration of the complete collaboration that exists between the various arms of the Indian military, the exercise comprised personnel from both the Indian Army and the Indian Air Force.

Observations and Experiences

  • The participants engaged in a reciprocal exchange of operational drills, tactics, and best practices while they were participating in the joint military exercise.
  • Within the context of the exercise, a dynamic learning environment was created, which contributed to a more profound comprehension of the military capabilities of each other.

Diplomacy Between Armed Forces

  • During the concluding ceremony, the contingents were addressed by Brigadier S. Taluja, who is the Commander of Aundh Military Station, as well as Major General PGPS Rathnayaka, who is attached to the Sri Lankan Army.
  • Particular attention was paid to the significance of joint military exercises in the field of military diplomacy, with a particular emphasis placed on the role that these exercises play in fostering relationships, trust, and confidence among nations.

UN Operations for Maintaining Peace

  • The announcement highlighted the growing significance of joint exercises in helping to prepare for joint military operations, such as those that are conducted by the United Nations to maintain peace.
  • On the other hand, it is anticipated that the information exchange that will take place during Mitrashakti 2023 would help to improved cooperation during prospective future deployments in complex international circumstances.

Building Confidence and Companionship with Others

  • As a result of the exercise, the contingents formed a sense of camaraderie with one another, which is considered to be a good outcome.
  • It is anticipated that the mutual knowledge that will be obtained through Mitrashakti 2023 will increase the level of confidence that exists between the respective forces of India and Sri Lanka, particularly in the context of possible deployments that include collaboration.

The Promotion of Values That Promote Brotherhood and Peace

  • The conclusion statement placed special emphasis on the role that the exercise plays in preserving the principles of trust, international brotherhood, prosperity, and peace at the world level.
  • In accordance with the common objective of guaranteeing growth and security for all people in the region, the collaborative effort is now under progress.


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