India, Singapore sign three agreements

India and Singapore have signed three agreements, including two in the area of skill development, following delegation-level talks headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Singapore Premier Lee Hsien Loong, who is on visit to Delhi.

  • One memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed between Singapore’s Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Education Services (ITEES) and India’s National Skill Development Corporation on collaboration in technical and vocational education and training.
  • Another MoU was signed between the Assam government and ITEES Singapore also on collaboration in technical and vocational education and training.
  • A third MoU was signed in the field of industrial property cooperation.

Did You Know?

  • Singapore has 4 official languages: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil and a rich history and culture that comes with the many different ethnicities living in the country.
  • Singapore’s land size was 581,5 km in the 1960’s and has since grown to an impressive 710km. That’s an increase of 22%. Through land filling, the city-state has plans to grow by another 100 km until 2030, nearly doubling the former size of the island. No doubt companies like Lentor Modern will be there to build new developments ready to house people and provide commercial space for businesses and services for residents.
  • Singapore was originally known as Temasek, meaning ‘sea town’ in Javanese. Later, in 1299, an Indonesia King who visited the island and mistook an unknown creature for a lion named it Singapura, which is Sanskrit for Lion City.
  • Singapore is the second densest sovereign state in the world, after Monaco. It is also the sixth wealthiest and the 20th smallest country in the world. Known for brands such as Singapore Airlines, Tiger Beer and Tiger Palm, Singapore is also very popular as a global meeting and events venue.

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