‘India in Shanghai’ Cultural Week inaugurated at Shanghai

Where: Shanghai

When: 5 November 2015

What: “India in Shanghai” Cultural Week

Purpose: India was designated a the guest country during the festival

An Indian culture week was inaugurated today at China-Shanghai International Arts Festival where India has been designated as a guest country for the first time. The India culture week called “India in Shanghai” was inaugurated by Indian Ambassador Ashok K Kantha along with Zhong Yanqun, Vice Chair of The Standing Committee of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress, Indian Consulate in Shanghai.

Chief Guests:-
  • The inauguration was attended by leading government officials from Shanghai and neighbouring cities, leading personalities from the field of art and culture, heads of local newspapers and television channels, members from universities and think tanks, representatives of Chinese and Indian companies as well as leading members of Indian diaspora.
  • The is the first time the 17-year history of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival that India was designated as the guest country during the festival.
  • The decision follows the high level importance attached by leaders of India and China to the relations and represents a renewed emphasis by the leadership of two countries on promoting people-to-people linkages as well as strengthening cultural exchanges between India and China.
What Special?
  • The events at the India Culture Week showcase the best of contemporary Indian arts.
  • It included Bollywood Extravaganza, dance performances by “sari” by Daksha sheth dance group, tribal music by Rajasthan Josh and Exhibition called “Forms of Devotion”.
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