India 12th top foreign holder of US government bonds

India is the 12th largest foreign holder of the US government securities with exposure to the tune of $ 118.9 billion as of March-end. Despite reducing its exposure to $ 1.245 trillion, China remained the top holder of these securities in March, as per the latest data released by the US Treasury Department.

  • China owned bonds valued at $ 1.252 trillion in February.  China is followed by Japan with securities to the tune of $ 1.137 trillion.
  • As per the data, India is the 12th largest overseas holder of these securities, one place ahead of Saudi Arabia — whose exposure has been made public for the first time in more than four decades.  Saudi Arabia’s holding stood at $ 116.8 billion as on March 31.
  • Till now, Saudi Arabia’s holdings were lumped together with that of other oil exporting nations, including Venezuela and Iraq. In March, India owned American government securities to the tune of $ 118.9 billion whereas the same was at $ 118.8 billion in February.
  • In terms of exposure, other countries ahead of India are Ireland, Brazil, Switzerland, the UK, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Belgium.  Among the BRIC grouping, the exposure of Brazil and Russia fell to $ 246.4 billion and $ 86 billion, respectively, in March.
  • Releasing the data, the Treasury Department said the sum total in March of all net foreign acquisitions of long-term and short term US securities as well as banking flows was a monthly net TIC (Treasury International Capital) outflow of $ 98.3 billion.

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