Reasoning Quiz – 8

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Welcome to DayTodayGK’s IBPS Clerk Express’ Reasoning Quiz . These questions comprise the reasoning puzzles that will be helpful for IBPS exams both for prelim and mains. Practice it, solve it,check your accuracy and share your marks.

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(Q 1–5) Read the following information carefully and answer the questions, which follow:

‘A – B’ means ‘A is father of B’
‘A + B’ means ‘A is daughter of B’
‘A ÷ B’ means ‘A is son of B’
‘A × B’ means ‘A is wife of B’

1. Which of the following means P is grandson of S ?
(a) P + Q – S
(b) P ÷ Q × S
(c) P ÷ Q + S
(d) P × Q ÷ S
(e) None of these

2. How is P related to T in the expression ‘P + S – T’ ?
(a) Sister
(b) Wife
(c) Son
(d) Daughter
(e) None of these

3. In the expression ‘P + Q × T’ how is T related to P ?
(a) Mother
(b) Father
(c) Son
(d) Brother
(e) None of these

4. Which of the following means T is wife of P ?
(a) P × S ÷ T
(b) P ÷ S × T
(c) P – S ÷ T
(d) P + T ÷ S
(e) None of these

5. In the expression ‘P × Q – T’ how is T related to P ?
(a) Daughter
(b) Sister
(c) Mother
(d) Can’t be determined
(e) None of these

(Q. 6–10) In each of these questions a group of letters is given followed by four
combinations of number/symbollettered (A), (B), (C) & (D). Letters are to be coded as per the scheme and conditions given below. You have to find out the serial letter of the combination, whichrepresents the letter group. Serial letter of that combination is your answer. If none of the combinations is correct, your answer is (E) i.e. None of these :

Letters: Q M S I N G D K A L P R B J E
Number/ Symbol: 7 @ 4 # % $ 6 1 2 £ 5 * 9 8 3

Conditions :
(i) If the first letter is a consonant and the last a vowel, both are to be coded as the code of the vowel.
(ii) If the first letter is a vowel and the last a consonant, the codes for the first and the last are to be interchanged.
(iii) If no vowel is present in the group of letters, the second and the fifth letters are to be coded as ©.

(a) 9©$7©%
(b) ©9$7%©
(c) 91$78%
(d) %1$789
(e) None of these

(a) #89*£$
(b) #89*£#
(c) $89*£#
(d) $89*£$
(e) None of these

(a) 92*#%4
(b) 924#*%
(c) 92*#%9
(d) 42*#%4
(e) None of these

(a) #£$21*
(b) £$21*3
(c) £$21*#
(d) #£$21#
(e) None of these

(a) 6@9%#2
(b) 2@9%#6
(c) 2@9%#2
(d) 2©9%#2
(e) None of these
Q(11 to 15):Study the following information carefully to answer these questions.

Eight persons A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H work for three different companies namely X, Y and Z. Not more than three persons work for a company. There are only two ladies in the group who have different specializations and work for different companies. Of the group of friends, two have specialization in each HR, Finance and Marketing. One member is an engineer and one is a doctor. H is an HR specialist and works with a Marketing specialist B who does not work for company Y. C is an engineer and his sister works in company Z. D is a specialist in HR working in company X while her friend G is a finance specialist and works for company Z. No two persons having the same specialization work together. Marketing specialist F works for company Y and his friend A who is a Finance expert works for company X in which only two specialists work. No lady is a marketing specialist or a doctor.

11. For which of the following companies does C work ?
(a) Y
(b) X
(c) Z
(d) Data inadequate
(e) None of these

12. Which of the following represents the pair working in the same company ?
(a) D and C
(b) A and B
(c) A and E
(d) H and F
(e) None of these

13. Which of the following combination is correct ?
(a) C–Z-Engineer
(b) E–X–Doctor
(c) H–X–HR
(d) C–Y–Engineer
(e) None of these

14. Who amongst the friends is a doctor ?
(a) H
(b) E
(c) C
(d) Either E or C
(e) None of these

15. Which of the following pairs represents the two ladies in the group ?
(a) A and D
(b) B and D
(c) D and G
(d) Data inadequate
(e) None of these

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1)c   2)a    3)b    4)c   5)d   6)a   7)c   8)e   9)b   10)c   11)a  12)e   13)d   14)b   15)c

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