How to Attempt DSSSB TGT Question Paper 2021?

The Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board conducted DSSSB TGT 2021 exam is scheduled to be held from 2nd to 27th Sep 2021. The vacancies announced are over 12000 for the various posts of TGT teachers. In this article, we shall particularly focus on how to attempt the DSSSB TGT 2021 exam and give you some pinpointed strategies to improve your performance during DSSSB TGT preparation.

DSSSB TGT Exam Pattern

The question paper comprises of 200 MCQ-based questions. Each question weighs for 1 mark. The first 100 questions on the question paper will be based on General Awareness, Reasoning, Numerical Ability and Language and the subsequent 100 questions will be based on the optional subject chosen by the candidate. The total time allotted is 3 hours in the case of the DSSSB TGT 2021 exam. The subject-based questions will also have questions on methodology.

Subjects Questions Marks
General Awareness 20 20
General Intelligence & Reasoning Ability 20 20
Arithmetical & Numerical Ability 20 20
English Language 20 20
Hindi Language 20 20
Subject Concerned 100




Total 200 200

Note- For every correct answer candidate will be awarded +1 marks and for every incorrect answer -0.25 will be the penalty.

DSSSB TGT 2021 Exam Question Paper: Starting Approaches

  • Conventional Route: Begin your exam via attempting the questions and sections numerically as it is mentioned irrespective of comfortability. This saves a bit of time on thinking too much about the paper and getting on with it.
  • The Comfortable section: Alternatively, you may start with the section you have most confidence in or have practiced a lot more than the other sections. If you feel, you can also start with the ‘Concerned Subject’ section.
  • Our Pick: General Awareness section. Most of the GA questions are pretty straightforward and can be completed quite soon.

DSSSB TGT tips: How to attempt the Question Paper

  • Difficulty Level: The difficulty level of the paper is somewhere around an easy-moderate level, translating that there will be a fair amount easy and moderate questions along with a few tough questions.
  • Go through the paper: Always when you get the paper, go through all the sections once to get an idea of what sort of questions are there and if you can highlight any question that you are already familiar with. It also helps in getting you in the exam ready stance to start your paper.
  • Read the instructions or directions given at the start of the section of question. Look out for trigger words such as ‘likely’, ‘most likely’, ‘not possible’ ‘most unlikely’, etc.
  • Categorise the choices given as ‘extreme’, ‘not plausible’ and exclude the options that surely are not possible. Then, focus on the remaining ones and try to link it with the question.
  • In the separate sections, there are various strategies that can be of help while attempting the DSSSB TGT 2021 exam question paper.
  • Language: In the language section of English and Hindi, start with the comprehension questions as it is quite time intensive and lengthy. Thus, complete it at the start itself. Read attentively and highlight or note down the important details which can come in handy while answering. Practice comprehension profusely during DSSSB TGT preparation.
  • Reasoning: start with analytical or pictorial reasoning, data sufficiency and reverse syllogism, amongst others as per the DSSSB TGT Syllabus as these do not take up much time.
  • Numerical Ability: Separate this section into two parts: part 1 (arithmetic, averages, percentages, ratios, proportion, etc.) and part 2 (probability, permutation, combination, data interpretation). This gives clarity as to the time you invest, the questions you are able to solve and the questions that remain.
  • General awareness: In this section, don’t invest too much time thinking; if you know the answer, mark it, if not, then move on. Go through GK every day during DSSSB TGT preparation as per the DSSSB TGT Syllabus.
  • Subject concerned: This is the most important section of your exam which can make or break your exam. Be extremely mindful of the questions you are completing, the questions that are left and the speed at which you are solving it. If there are new questions, leave them for the end. Remember, speed and accuracy is the golden key to your efforts.

Fundamental DSSSB TGT tips

  • Time Management: You have 3 hours for the whole exam and the ‘Concerned Subject’ is the most important section of all. Therefore, try to give more time to it.
  • Revision: Leave at least 10-15 minutes at the end of your exam for revision, correcting your mistakes, to recheck whether you have marked correctly and to be satisfied with your attempt. Don’t panic and answer haphazardly.
  • Previous papers: The previous year’s question papers are the sole way to understand what kind of questions are repeatedly being asked, where you can score and where do your weak areas lie. Last 10 year papers are a must during DSSSB TGT preparation. This is one of the foremost DSSSB TGT tips we can give.

Best of Luck.

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