Hi Everybody… My name is Failure!!! How You Gonna Deal me???

Hello Friends,

Finally the result has come… All the best to those who cleared and those who didn’t, let me ask you one question. What makes the difference between Success and Failure? Curiosity, Passion, the thing you decide, the path you find, the way you move and finally where you land. This thing differs from each one but curiosity and passion matters a lot when it comes to desire.

CURIOSITY is the burning desire to experiment and explore new things. It contributes to success in two ways. First it helps us identify our inner strengths and energies and to discover opportunities to exploit our full potential. Second, it helps us strike new paths that change our lives, lift us from the rags to the riches, from boredom to excitement.

PASSION is Eros or Love, in a broad sense, for the objects of desire that helps us pull all of our strengths and energies together towards the acquisition of these objects.

What makes it look so easy for some people and looks so hard for the rest??

Lots of people may think there’s a world of difference between the two. But the reality is that they’re much closer than you think. That’s because in order to succeed big, you need to risk failing big. And often, you need to fail over and over again if you want to get the success you really deserve. Just think about some of the world’s most successful people. Those who succeed and those who don’t is that they remain patient with disregard to their slow progress and continue to be persistent even if they can’t see any results.


What one should learn from success and failure?? In simple words it’s like building a strong and very stronger road.

It’s not whether you fall down, it’s whether you get back up

Most of the successful people have failed over and over again. What’s the difference with them, and people who fail once and give up? To name a few – fame, fortune, and living a life true to their passion.

Failure is just life’s way of giving you feedback

motivational-260aI once heard someone say that failure is just a form of feedback, nothing more, and nothing less. Those words rocked my world. I realized when I heard them that if you can treat life as a big experiment with the goal to learn as much as possible as fast as you can, so you can get to your success-formula faster, you’ll be better off than you would have been had you taken the “safe” road.

It’s always darkest just before dawn

If you’ve been knocked down in life before, then you know that man’s biggest successes come not from avoiding disaster, but instead by facing obstacles head-on, falling down every now and again, getting back up and dusting himself off to continue the fight.

Hey, if there weren’t any challenges on the road to success, it would be easy, and everybody would get what they want. What fun would that be?

Learn from your mistakes

I’ll use the word “mistakes” lightly here. After all, if you learn something from a mistake, then that’s not really a mistake, instead it’s valuable feedback. The important thing to do is to take that feedback as a learning opportunity so you can move yourself closer to success every day.

Continued effort pays off

You remember the story about the tortoise and the hare, right? Some people called the tortoise stubborn, slow, and even boring. But guess what? With each slippery, slow, methodical step he took, he got closer to his goal. Meanwhile the rabbit was taking a short sleep, losing the proverbial fight to the persistent tortoise.

What do these things convey you??

maxresdefaultAs a matter of fact, it’s desired. You should relish it. Because in those moments of failure, you’ll have the choice to either continue on your current path, give up, or change course and plow ahead. So choose the best way to achieve you goals.

It’s just a matter of interest, hard-work, and determination. The enthusiasm should come from your heart. Every day morning while getting up from the bed itself one must feel, yes, I am going to try something new, I am going to learn a new thing which will help me to succeed. Lack of interest will ruin the whole day. Time always matters for success. If one needs to prove him/ her to this world. Yes they need to put their maximum effort in each and everything they do.

What happens to us??

The Journey begins here…

Born, brought up, joined the school, studied well, and scored good marks, shared sweets, enjoyed with friends all get together and parties and now, the important thing arises whether to join arts or engineering or something else…So joined and with a huge hope (we as a student and our parents will be like yeah, my son/daughter will get placed in some reputed company) started our college life that after some 2 or 3 years Yes, I will be placed in some good company in a good position but, unfortunately, we didn’t make it or it did not happen. Completed graduation, even celebrated the day with pomp and show with announcement cards and other graduation memorabilia, which were probably bought from Jostens or similar sites (you can find out more about the products by visiting the website of the aforementioned shop). However, life after graduation day did not seem as bright–was clueless…so went off campus and attended as many interviews. Nothing worked.

motivational-wallpaper-4Now, it’s time to decide what next?? And our well wishers will be giving ideas and it ends up in nothing. Through some friend or a relative came to know about banking and started preparing for it and applied for all the upcoming exams and started preparing. We ran to coaching classes for months together. Yes gave first exam and could not make up as it is the first exam. Then came the second one and no result. Like this days passed without any output.

One may feel I am nothing, I can’t do anything, I am one waste wasting my parents money applying for exams which is of no use. Now the worst part comes. As already we are like standing under the heat of exams when our head pops out people will be questioning us what are you doing?? , blah blah everything. But we have no answer. Loneliness, without going out, sitting at home with only support from parents and no one else. They are also in a hope that we will clear the exam. They also feel bad to answer to people who ask about us. They will feel very bad than us. The hardest thing is if someone asks something and if we don’t have answer though we are in a situation to answer their question. Depression will make us to cry at night wetting the pillows. Books and laptop is the only friend for every banking aspirant. So it should be changed. Find a group, make a plan, study together online, why don’t we have all the fun?? Be a deaf until you succeed. It will the better way to make yourself restrict from getting diverted.

We are studying, preparing, practicing, and above all sacrificing things and still we are not achieving the goal. One may think why it is happening for me alone? It’s not just for you alone. It’s for every aspirant who is also putting effort like you to produce good result. Be calm, make yourself motivated. Say I Know, I Can, I Do, I Will, I am so determined to achieve it. Make your parents believe in you. They should have a good hope on you.

Lion-Sheep-Motivation-QuoteTake a deep breath. As someone said it’s just a bad day (on the day of result) for many of us and not a bad life. Life is so precious that we live once. One must learn a lot. If there is only success and no failure we will get bored of being an achiever and at that time we may think I failed to fail in my life. You will not get a fulfilled life until you fail. So let us fail, fail and fail till we succeed. Feel free to share your feelings with us. D2G will be beside you in all sorts of difficulties.


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