“Ghol” Fish Declared State Fish of Gujarat


The ‘Ghol’ fish has been formally designated as the state fish of Gujarat, which is a significant step in recognizing and promoting the region’s abundant aquatic biodiversity.

The statement was made by the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Bhupendra Patel, during the opening ceremony of the first Global Fisheries Conference India 2023, which was hosted at Gujarat Science City.

The event, which brought together stakeholders from all around the world, was also attended by Parshottam Rupala, who is the Minister of Fisheries for the central government of India.

A Brief Overview of the Global Fisheries Conference in India in 2023

Over two hundred and twenty national and foreign exhibitors participated in the conference.

These exhibitors represented a wide range of businesses, from newly created fisheries associations and processing enterprises to organizations that have been around for decades.

The event functioned as a forum for the dissemination of information, the promotion of collaborative efforts, and the presentation of recent developments in the fishing industry.

Participation on an International Scale:

The conference was attended by delegates from over ten different countries, including France, Norway, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Greece, Spain, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe.

This is a testament to the significance of the conference within the worldwide community. The significance of the conference in promoting international collaboration in the management and development of fisheries was highlighted by the presence of international participants.

The Ghol Fish: A Marvel in Both the Kitchen and Its Medicine:

Protonibea diacanthus, more commonly known as the Ghol fish, is a species of fish that may be found in the Indo-Pacific region, which extends from the Persian Gulf to the Pacific Ocean.

Many coastal communities place a significant amount of cultural and economic emphasis on the Black Spotted Croaker fish, which is a common name for this fishing species.

In addition to being lauded for its excellent flavor and culinary appeal, the Ghol fish is also renowned for its therapeutic characteristics, which have led to its acceptance in the traditional medical practices of several countries.

In Gujarat, the bladder of the Ghol fish is held in particularly high regard, which is one of the factors that contributes to the high-value exports of the state.

Possible Consequences for Gujarat:

With the recognition of the Ghol fish as the state fish of Gujarat, the state has demonstrated its dedication to the conservation and promotion of the aquatic resources that are abundant in the region.

Because of this action, it is anticipated that more people will become aware of the ecological relevance of the species as well as the economic significance it holds for the fishing industry in the state.

This action, which is being taken by Gujarat to formally acknowledge the Ghol fish, not only helps to reinforce the cultural identity of the state but also opens up new opportunities for sustainable development and international collaboration in the field of fisheries.

With the Ghol fish at the forefront of this endeavor, the Global Fishing Conference India 2023 marks a key moment in Gujarat’s commitment to sustainable fishing practices, knowledge sharing, and global cooperation. This conference will take place in India.

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