English Quiz (Spelling Correction) for SBI | IBPS – Set 377

English Quiz (Cloze Test) for SBI | IBPS – Set 377

Directions – Choose the word wrongly spelt.

1.Former Minister of Human Resource Development Smriti Irani’s educational degree has been the subject of controversy. In her affidavit for the 2014 polls, she had said that she graduated from the university in 1994, triggering a row over the veracity of her claim, with opposition parties allaging she was not a graduate.
(a) controversy
(b) triggering
(c) allaging
(d) None of these

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Ans-(c) allaging
Correct spelling is alleging

2.Let’s forget about elections for a moment. Campaign props or not, black holes are immensely fescinating entities, with an emphasis on immense — the one photographed and unveiled to the world this week has the mass of 6.5 billion suns.
(a) Fescinating
(b) Entities
(c) Emphasis
(d) None of these

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Ans -(a) Fescinating
Correct Answer is Fascinating

3. Soils can effectively remove impurities, kill disease agents,and degrade contaminants, this latter property being called natural attenuetion.
(a) Impurities
(b) contaminants
(c) Attenuetion
(d) None of these

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Ans- (c) Attenuetion
Correct Answer is Attenuation

4.The mineral material from which a soil forms is called parent material. Rock, whether its origin is igneous, sedimentery, or metamorphic, is the source of all soil mineral materials and the origin of all plant nutrients with the exceptions of nitrogen, hydrogen and carbon.
(a) Sedimentery
(b) Metamorphic
(c) Igneous
(d) None of these

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Ans- (a) Sedimentery
Correct Answer is sedimentary

5.This staunchaly rigid structure was most prevalent during the Congress-dominating period. This eventually led to the practice of vote banking, where voters back only candidates that are in their caste, or officials from which they expect to receive some kind of benefits.
(a) prevalent
(b) staunchaly
(c) eventually
(d) None of these

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Ans- (b) staunchaly
Correct Answer is staunchly

6.This upsurge in lower-caste empowerment was accompanied in some regions by a spike in the level of corruption. This was partly due to lower caste perceiving development programs and rule of law as tools used by the upper caste to subjugrate lower castes.
(a) Upsurge
(b) Perceiving
(c) Subjugrate
(d) None of these

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Ans- (c) Subjugrate
Correct Answer is Subjugate

7. Such measures as are required to enforce equality, to provide panitive measures for transgressions, to eliminate established practices that perpetuate inequities, etc. A number of laws were enacted to implement the provisions in the Constitution.
(a) Panitive
(b) Transgressions
(c) Perpetuate
(d) None of these

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Ans- (a) Panitive
Correct Answer is punitive

8.A few of the major tools that are used by a psephologist are historical preacinct voting data, campaign finance information, and other related data. Public opinion polls also play an important role in psephology.
(a) campaign
(b) psephologist
(c) preacinct
(d) None of these

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Ans- preacinct
Correct Answer is precinct

9.To keep the ions out of equilibrium, the researchers alternately hit them with one laser to create an effective magnetic field and a second laser to partially flip the spins of the atoms, repeating the sequence many times.
(a) Spins
(b) Equilibrium
(c) Alternately
(d) All are Correct

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Ans- (d) All are Correct

10.A time crystal breaks time sysmmetry. In this particular case, the magnetic field and laser periodically driving the atoms produce a repetition in the system at twice the period of the drivers, something that would not occur in a normal system.
(a) Sysmmetry
(b) Periodically
(c) Ytterbium
(d) None of these

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Ans-(a) sysmmetry
Correct Answer is symmetry

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