English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 201

1.The country is________ slow to reform as its political class has convinced itself that anything but the most_________ pace will accept the electoral apple cart.
a) cryptically, snug
b) ambiguously, lukewarm
c) concealed, balmy
d) notoriously, glacial

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Answer d) notoriously, glacial

2.The minister felt that the __________ made by the committee was ___________even though similar schemes had worked earlier.
a) decision, gainful
b) choice, profitable
c) recommendation, infeasible
d) election, acceptable

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Answer c) recommendation, infeasible

3.The policies adopted by the RBI in the area of priority sector lending are _______up investments in securitisation transactions in the country with _________from banks showing a rise in recent years.
a) pulling, involvement
b) driving,participation
c) curbing, compete
d) forcing, exception

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Answer b) driving,participation

4.After ________the curbs on payments up to Rs.5 crore, the drawing and_________officers have been directed to secure the department’s clearance for releasing sums above this limit.
a) execrably, holding
b) abating, expending
c) waiving, disbursing
d) flapping, depositing

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Answer c) waiving, disbursing

5.Any kind of ethnocentrism, fostered by pride in the self and in________ towards others, only divides people, not unites them in their________.
a) respect, similarity
b) prejudices, diversity
c) fairness, identicalness
d) justice, sameness

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Answer b) prejudices, diversity

6.For two decades India has seen a__________ tightening of vehicular emission norms. However, the full__________ of this trend has not been realised because all arms of government have not worked in tandem.
a) disarranged, detest
b) desperate, dearth
c) calibrated, potential
d) confused, impossible

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Answer c) calibrated, potential

7.India’s first president Rajendra Prasad and the role of Home minister Sardar Patel on the other hand find_________ mention in the post-independence__________ of the book.
a) obscured, point
b) invisible, subject
c) prominent, chapter
d) inconspicuous, subject

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Answer c) prominent, chapter

8.Rather than separating fact from opinion, whitewashing Nehru_________ by deleting inconvenient truths is_________ to historical vandalism.
a) addition, reverse
b) altogether, tantamount
c) together, opposite
d) become, polar

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Answer b) altogether, tantamount

9.For a country known for its engineering talents and a city with two hundred years of history, the_________ was unnecessary and entirely due to a failure of political leadership.
a) Issue
b) Persists
c) Tragedy
d) Reason

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Answer c) Tragedy

10.Sardar Patel_________ Nehru of the importance of a “uniform national administrative structure with considerable central control”.
a) Privilege
b) Convinced
c) Informed
d) Told

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Answer b) Convinced

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