English Quiz for SBI PO | IBPS – Set 155

1.The arrested persons were ………… in court and ………… in judicial custody.
a) demanded, persuaded
b) questioned, sentenced
c) taken, left
d) produced, remanded

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Answer d) produced, remanded . “produced” means “brought” while “remanded” means “sent back a person into legal custody”.

2.Each one he answered swiftly, with a ___ grace and panache, deploying disarming tones and the most ___ facial expressions.
a) practiced, appropriate
b) noted, fake
c) secret, stubble
d) known, subtle

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Answer a) practiced, appropriate

3.He is ___ that his own trading fame doesn’t overshadow the sport but is ___ about his passion.
a) worried, terrific
b) anxious, unabashed
c) nervous, dynamic
d) curious, bilateral

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Answer b) anxious, unabashed,
unabashed– अडिग

4.In the health-care industry, the doctor-patient ____ is the mirror image of the ordinary relationship between producer and ____.
a) relation, manufacturer
b) deal, supplier
c) bond, generator
d) relationship, consumer

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Answer d) relationship, consumer

5.People blame the climate for agricultural ____ and make it a scapegoat for faulty population and agricultural ____.
a) process, systems
b) failures, policies
c) event, equipment
d) matter, produce

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Answer b) failures, policies

6.Our mandate was paramount and_________to do all we could to save lives, and________food, fodder, drinking-water and migration distress.
a) unambiguous, mitigate
b) apparent, aggravate
c) distinct, incite
d) explicit, increase

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Answer a) unambiguous, mitigate,
unambiguous – Clear, सुस्पष्ठ
mitigate – lessen, कमी
paramount – dominant, प्रमुख

7.Unlike in many other regions of_________farmer suicides, we heard of landless labourers and_________ farmers also ending their lives.
a) endemic, marginal
b) foreign, interior
c) different, central
d) distant, Area

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Answer a) endemic, marginal

8.Critics persist in attributing Messi’s________to his partnership with Luis Suarez and Neymar in the Barca attack and hold up his less________international performances as evidence.
a) contribution, attractive
b) participation, performed
c) success , impressive
d) victory, pleasurable

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Answer c) success , impressive

9.The government can easily remove_______rules and________and tone up the delivery system.
a) specific, process
b) cumbersome, procedures
c) simple, process
d) difficult, equal

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Answer b) cumbersome, procedures,

10.Public investment alone________The________here is private corporate investment.
a) sufficient, courage
b) enough, strength
c) competent, firmness
d) inadequate, Achilles heel

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Answer d) inadequate, Achilles heel
Achilles heel– weakness, कमज़ोरी

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