English Quiz – Set Thirty Six (Antonyms)

1. Select the antonym for Prepossessing
a) Incredible
b) Arousing envy
c) Unattractive
d) Recent

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Answer c) Unattractive

2. Select the antonym for Adulation
a) Confusion
b) Inertia
c) Consolidation
d) Condemnation

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Answer d) Condemnation

3. Select the antonym for Blithesome
a) Graceful
b) Sullen
c) Adventurous
d) Mammoth

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Answer b) Sullen

4. Select the antonym for Senile
a) Suspicious
b) Mentally alert
c) Corrupt
d) Affluent

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Answer b) Mentally alert

5. Select the antonym for Predilection
a) Analogy
b) Anticlimax
c) Antipathy
d) Argument

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Answer c) antipathy

6. Select the antonym for Consanguine
a) Of Different Kind
b) Invisible
c) Urbane
d) Untenanted

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Answer 1) Of Different Kind

7. Select the antonym for Inordinate
a) Distant
b) Facile
c) Moderate
d) Attractive

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Answer c) Moderate 

8. Select the antonym for Carping
a) Rapid
b) Uncritical
c) Illegal
d) Terse

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Answer b) Uncritical

9. Select the antonym for Sage
a) Fool
b) Miser
c) Zealot
d) Braggart

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Answer a) Fool

10. Select the antonym for Amelioration
a) Prevention
b) Indifference
c) Dissuasion
d) Aggravation

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Answer d) Aggravation

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