English Quiz for SBI | IBPS – Set 281


1.The newly-opened restaurant at the Distric Centre____________to the tastes of people from all walks of life and one is likely to find an____________ group there.
a) appeals, archetypal
b) panders,connoisseur
c) caters,ecletic
d) inhibits,diverse

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Answer c) caters,ecletic

2.Sunita had___________been out of the hospital_________she slipped and fractured her arm.
a) hardly, when
b) just, as
c) well, and
d) then, when

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Answer a) hardly, when

3.Physicians may soon have _______ to help paralysed people move their limbs bypassing the _______ nerves that once
controlled their muscles.

a) instruments,detrimental
b) ways, damaged
c) reason, involuntary
d) impediments,complex

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Answer b) ways, damaged

4.Compromise is___________to passionate natures because it seems to surrender, and to intellectual natures it seems a _________________.
a) unsuited,submission
b) odious,confusion
c) intimidations,dichotomy
d) inherent,fabrication

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Answer a) unsuited,submission

5.We must try to understand his momentary_______for he has____________ more strain and anxiety than any among us.
a) vision,forgotten
b) aberration,undergone
c) outcry,described
d) senility,understood

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Answer b) aberration,undergone

6.The Internet is a medium where the users have nearly _______ choices and _______ constraints about where to go and what to do.
a) unbalanced,nonexistent
b) embarrassing,no
c) unlimited,minimal
d) choking,shocking

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Answer c) unlimited,minimal

7.A new law has been passed stating that no actor would be
allowed to shoot beyond twelve hours in a day and those who_____________ this norm would henceforth be____________for it.

a) followed, punished
b) accompanied, reprimanded
c) flouted,penalized
d) defied, applauded

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Answer c) flouted,penalized

8.The government claims that___________in the telecommunications industry will mean lower prices for customers.
a) budget
b) finance
c) instalments
d) competition

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Answer d) competition

9.A parable is a story with a moral, the story being_______________ of the underlying moral.
a) familiar
b) identical
c) summary
d) illustrative

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Answer c) summary

10.Education is central because electronic networks and software-driven technologies are beginning to _______the economic barriers between the nations.
a) break down
b) break
c) crumble
d) dismantle

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Answer b) break

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