English Quiz – Set Twenty Six (Antonyms and Synonyms)

1. There is always a CONTRADICTION between his words and deeds. Find the Antonym.
a) Compatibility
b) Contrast
c) Conflict
d) Divergence

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Answer a) Compatibility.

2. People took advantage of his AMENABLE nature. Find the Antonym.
a) Affable
b) Understanding
c) Humane
d) Obstinate

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Answer d) Obstinate 

3. Most of those present did not know how to react the PROFANE act. Find the Antonym.
a) Blasphemous
b) Sacrilegious
c) Agnostic
d) Pious

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Answer 3) Pious 

4. The use of pesticides is PERNICIOUS. Find the Antonym.
a) Beneficial
b) Deleterious
c) Baleful
d) Immanent

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Answer 1. Beneficial.

5. My friend is INDISPOSED to the proposal. Find the Antonym.
a) Loath
b) Disinclined
c) Amenable
d) Reluctant

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Answer c) Amenable

6. With age, he has become ABSTEMIOUS. Find the Synonym.
a) Greedy
b) Temperate
c) Mature
d) Senile

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Answer b) Temperate.

7. He was LAMPOONED by his seniors in college. Find the Synonym.
a) Appreciated
b) Confronted
c) Invited
d) Ridiculed

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Answer d) Ridiculed.

8. It was difficult to understand why she was BAWLING. Find the Synonym.
a) Demanding
b) Criticising
c) Praising
d) Yelling

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Answer d) Yelling

9. Fanatics are known for their BIGOTRY. Find the Synonym.
a) Selfishness
b) Selflessness
c) Intolerance
d) Cruelty

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Answer c) Intolerance.

10. The Germans never displayed a BELLIGERANT attitude during the entire episode. Find the Synonym.
a) Loving
b) Friendly
c) Pugnacious
d) Peaceful

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Answer c) Pugnacious

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