English Quiz- Set Twenty Four (Antonyms)

1. Tick the antonym for Progenitor
a) Spectator
b) Ancestor
c) Descendant
d) Beautiful

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Answer c) descendant

2. Tick the antonym for Wrath
a) Dangerous
b) abandon
c) rout
d) calm

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Answer d) calm

3. Tick the antonym for Fathom
a) Appreciate
b) Transparent
c) Calmness
d) Giant

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Answer c) Calmness

4. Tick the antonym for Jubilant
a) Depressed
b) Decline
c) Inadequacy
d) Europhic

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Answer a) Depressed

5. Tick the antonym for Flabbergast
a) Astonish
b) Push
c) Clear up
d) Pull

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Answer c) Clear up

6. Tick the antonym for Agitate
a) Apprehension
b) Lull
c) Common
d) Trial

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Answer b) Lull

7. Tick the antonym for Embellished
a) Bliss
b) Misery
c) Decrease
d) Elegant

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Answer c) Decrease

8. Tick the antonym for Melee
a) Confused
b) Motion
c) Behaved
d) Peace

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Answer d) Peace

9. Tick the antonym for valor
a) Agile
b) Cowardice
c) Loafer
d) Boldness

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Answer b) cowardice

10. Tick the antonym for Exuberance
a) Anxious
b) Apathy
c) Ardor
d) Dull

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Answer b) Apathy

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