Daily Editorial Cloze Test Quiz – 90

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

The decision of the Lok Sabha to send the National Medical Commission Bill to a standing committee for a ______(1)_______ is the right one. First proposed in 2016, the Bill aims to overhaul the corrupt and inefficient Medical Council of India, _______(2)________regulates medical education and practice. But despite its plus points, the NMC isn’t the game-changing legislation it could have been. One of its goals is to rein in corruption in the MCI through greater distribution of powers. This is sought to be accomplished through an independent Medical Advisory Council to oversee the National Medical Commission, the proposed successor of the MCI. But all members of the NMC are members of the Council, undermining the latter’s independence. This, and other concerns, must be addressed. Perhaps the most controversial provision of all is for a bridge course allowing alternative-medicine practitioners to prescribe modern drugs. One motivation could be to plug the _______(3)________of rural doctors by creating a new cadre of practitioners. But if this was the rationale, better solutions exist. The shortfall of MBBS doctors is partly due to the fact that many of them seek a post-graduate degree to _______(4)________career prospects. MCI regulations prevent even experienced MBBS doctors from carrying out procedures like caesarians and ultrasound tests, while nurses are barred from administering anaesthesia. Empowering doctors and nurses to do more is a reform many have called for, and that would have been easier to ________(5)_________than a bridge course for AYUSH practitioners.

a) Revise
b) Review
c) Relook
d) Reassess

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Answer c) Relook.

a) Which
b) What
c) Where
d) When

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Answer a) Which.

a) Dedication
b) Shortfall
c) Increased
d) Reduction

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Answer b) Shortfall.

a) Advance
b) Help
c) Refine
d) Improve

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Answer d) Improve.

a) Apply
b) Implement
c) Achieve
d) Fulfil

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Answer b) Implement.

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