Daily Editorial Cloze Test Quiz – 80 (New Pattern)

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

What are facts in a work of fiction? Are they to be treated as incontrovertible truth or as a licence of creative imagination? In the answers to these questions lies the key to understanding the most pressing issue currently ______(1)________ (capturing) the mind space of the politicians of the Bharatiya Janata Party in Tamil Nadu. Over the past week, senior State leaders of the party have been busy ferreting out references to contemporary realities in a film, Mersal, and testing them _______(2)_______ (opposite) their very own touchstone of truth. They now want the deletion of particular scenes on the goods and services tax regime (because these are factually incorrect) as well as those on the health care situation in the country (because these are critical of the government). India is no _______(3)________ (incomer) to threats to freedom of expression whether in art and movies or in news and academic publishing, _______(4)_______ (whether) from organised civilian groups or from the government. From time to time, all sorts of self-identified groups have claimed to be offended by something or the other that they imagined to be an affront to their shared culture or communal heritage. In this Republic of Hurt Sentiments, religion, caste, language and geography have been variously invoked by such groups to mobilise opposition to some perceived insult in a painting or a motion picture. Controversial sections of the Indian Penal Code such as 153A, which ________(5)_________ (bans) the promotion of enmity between different groups, and 295A, which prohibits insult of religious beliefs, are routinely used to silence voices or harass those who hold dissenting views.

Editorial Cloze Test Quiz

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