Current Affairs Quiz – March 22 2023

Current Affairs Quiz – March 22 2023

Current Affairs Quiz – March 22 2023. Read and Download daily, monthly Current Affairs Quiz 2023 for competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, IBPS, SBI etc,. Download month wise Current affairs 2023 PDF and Current affairs quiz PDF .


Current Affairs Quiz– March 22 2023

1. World Water Day 2023 is observed on __________.
a) March 20
b) March 21
c) March 22
d) March 23

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Answer c) March 22.
The current year’s theme for World Water Day is “accelerating the change to solve the water and sanitation crisis”.

2. What is the name of google’s AI chatbot called?
a) Bid
b) Bard
c) Gigil
d) Chow

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Answer b) Bard.
On March 21, 2023 (Tuesday) Google provides access to its new AI chatbot called ‘Bard’. Bard has been designed as a rival of ChatGPT. It was the first time announced by the multinational company Google in February last month.

3. Africa-India field training exercise AFINDEX-23 to be held in _____________.
a) Pune
b) Lucknow
c) Vishakapatnam
d) Ghana

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Answer a) Pune
The Africa-India Field Training Exercise (AFINDEX-2023) has begun with the participation of 100 participants from 23 African countries, including Botswana, Egypt, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia, among others.

4. Who has named India’s most valuable celebrity of 2022?
a) Ranbir Kapoor
b) Amir Khan
c) Allu Arjun
d) Ranveer Singh

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Answer d) Ranveer Singh
Virat Kohli, who previously held the top spot, has fallen to the second position with a brand value of $176.9 million, according to the Kroll report.

5. Which state government has announced the notification of Thanthai Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, making it the 18th wildlife sanctuary in the state?
a) Tamil Nadu
b) Kerala
c) karnataka
d) Andhra Pradesh

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Answer a) Tamil Nadu.
Thanthai Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is situated at close proximity with the Malai Mahadeshwara wildlife sanctuary, BRT Wildlife Sanctuary, Cauvery wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka.

6. Merlin Group has partnered with the World Trade Centers Association to develop a World Trade Center in ______________.
a) Jaipur
b) Chennai
c) Kolkata
d) Mumbai

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Answer c) Kolkata.
The oldest World Trade Center in India is located in Mumbai, and there are additional Centers in Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Noida, Pune, and other cities.

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