Current Affairs Quiz – February 14 2020

Current Affairs Quiz – February 14 2020

1. SEBI – in this “S” represents______________.
a) Stock
b) Securities
c) Symbol
d) Service

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Answer b) Securities. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has introduced an in-house system to track the movement of client securities that are collected as collateral by brokers.

2. GoI hosts National Organic Food Festival in ______________.
a) Mumbai
b) New Delhi
c) Pune
d) Chennai

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Answer a) Mumbai. The Government of India is to host National Organic Food Festival at the National Capital between February 21, 2020 and February 23, 2020.

3. INS Shivaji is located in____________.
a) Madhya Pradesh
b) Rajastan
c) Maharastra
d) Andhra Pradesh

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Answer c) Maharastra. President Ram Nath Kovind presented the President’s Colours Awards to INS Shivaji. The Indian Naval Station Shivaji has completed 75 years of service.

4. Who has been appointed as Cheif of Air India?
a) Ashwani Lohani
b) Akash Kumar
c) Aravind Sugumaran
d) Rajiv Bansal

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Answer d) Rajiv Bansal . The government on Thursday appointed senior IAS officer Rajiv Bansal as the chairman and managing director (CMD) of Air India.

5. Who has named as new finance minister of UK?
a) Rishi Sunak
b) Narayana Murthy
c) Goldman Snacks
d) Vishal Menon

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Answer a) Rishi Sunak . Five years ago Britain’s new finance minister Rishi Sunak wasn’t even a member of parliament and now he is running the world’s fifth largest economy.

6. RK Pachauri is passed away at 79, is associated with_________.
a) Environmentalist
b) Social Activitist
c) Lyricist
d) Journalist

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Answer a) Environmentalist. Former TERI chief RK Pachauri died after a prolonged battle against heart illness at the Escorts Heart Institute in New Delhi, a day after he was put on life support.

7. Who has named Player of the Year 2019 by IHF?
a) Ankit Jain
b) Manpreet Singh
c) Himesh Yadav
d) Rahul Singh

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Answer b) Manpreet Singh . Manpreet, a midfielder, became the first Indian to win the accolade since the awards were introduced in 1999.

8. Katsuya Nomura is passed away at 84, is associated with__________.
a) Politics
b) Science
c) Cinema
d) Sports

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Answer d) Sports. Japanese Baseball Hall of Fame catcher and renowned manager Katsuya Nomura died of ischemic heart failure early Tuesday morning, according to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, the last club he managed. He was 84.

9. Who has been appoineted as finance secretary?
a) Kunal Mukerjee
b) Dhruv Gupta
c) Dhananjeyan Singh
d) Debasish Panda

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Answer d) Debasish Panda. Senior IAS officer Debasish Panda was appointed as the new finance secretary, according to a Personnel Ministry order. Panda, a 1987-batch IAS officer of the Uttar Pradesh cadre, is at present special secretary, department of financial services.

10. Exercise Ajeya Warrior 2020 begins in______________.
a) UK
b) India
c) Australia
d) US

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Answer a) UK. The aim of the exercise is to conduct training of troops in counter-insurgency and counter-terrorist operations in both urban and semi-urban areas.