Current Affairs Daily Digest – May 21 2024

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Current AFfairs

Current AFfairs

Current Affairs Daily Digest – May 21 2024

1. Gopi Thotakura Makes History as First Indian Space Tourist

An Indian living outside of India named Gopi Thotakura became the first Indian to go on a trip beyond Earth’s atmosphere. This was a big deal for space tourism.

As part of Jeff Bezos’s Blue Origin program, the NS-25 mission sent Thotakura and five other crew members into space on the New Shepard. They took off from a private ranch in West Texas.

Ed Dwight was also on the team. He was the first Black astronaut to go into space.

This trip was the program’s first step back into space tourism after a two-year break caused by a rocket accident.

Thotakura’s addition to the crew shows how space travel is becoming more inclusive and open to people from all over the world.

Members of New Shepard (Mission NS-25)

  • Gopichand Thotakura: An entrepreneur and pilot of Indian origin, Thotakura secured his place among the six crew members for the NS-25 mission.
  • Ed Dwight: A former Air Force aviator, Dwight’s journey to space comes decades after facing rejection from NASA’s astronaut corps. At 90 years old, he sets a record as the oldest person in space.
  • Mason Angel: Founder of Industrious Ventures, Angel brings entrepreneurial expertise to the crew.
  • Sylvain Chiron: Renowned for spearheading Brasserie Mont Blanc, Chiron represents France in the crew.
  • Kenneth L. Hess: A software engineer and entrepreneur, Hess contributes technical expertise to the mission.
  • Carol Schaller: A retired Certified Public Accountant, Schaller completes the ensemble of adventurers for NS-25.

2. Banking Icon N Vaghul Passes Away at 88

An important person in Indian business, N Vaghul, died on Saturday in Chennai at the age of 88.

His death is mourned by many. With his visionary guidance and dedication to excellence, Vaghul, who was chairman of ICICI Bank, left an indelible mark on the financial world.

A By-Accident Trip into Banking

When Vaghul was born, his dream was to work for the government. But his life took a strange turn when he had to wait a few years to take the coveted civil services test.

He jumped at the chance and joined the State Bank of India (SBI) in 1954, starting an amazing trip that would change the way banks work.

3. Sanjiv Puri Elected CII President for 2024-25: A Leadership Transition

Sanjiv Puri, Chairman and Managing Director of ITC Ltd., has been chosen as the President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for the term 2024–25.

This is a big change in the organization’s leadership. Puri takes over this important job from R Dinesh, who was Chairman of TVS Supply Chain Solutions.

In addition to Puri, Rajiv Memani is named President-Designate, and R Mukundan is named Vice President for the same time.

Sanjiv Puri: In charge of the CII

  • Sanjiv Puri has a lot of experience in his new job because he went to IIT Kanpur and the Wharton School of Business.
  • He has been involved in many projects to help India’s businesses grow and stay in business. Puri has been a leader in more than just ITC Ltd.
  • He has led expert groups and won awards like the “Best CEO Award” from Business Today and the “Transformational Leader Award” from the Asian Centre for Corporate Governance and Sustainability.

4. YES Bank Launches YES Grandeur: Elevating Banking for Elite Customers

As a way to meet the changing needs of wealthy and important customers, YES Bank has created “YES Grandeur,” a high-end banking service that offers personalized solutions for money and life.

Customized High-End Services

  • A customer with an average monthly balance of ₹5 lakh or a Net Relationship Value (NRV) of ₹20 lakh can get a set of special perks through “Yes Grandeur.”
  • There are specialized relationship managers, better rates, no fees, and big discounts on locker facilities, among other things.

5. Alexander Zverev and Iga Swiatek Reign Supreme at Italian Open 2024

As a tennis star from Germany, Alexander Zverev made history when he won the Italian Open singles title for the second time.

To win his eighth Masters title, the 25-year-old beat Nicolas Jarry of Chile, who was in the final for the first time, in straight sets (6-4, 7-5).

In order to win the Italian Open, Zverev had to keep going no matter what. This was his third trip to the final of the prestigious event.

He had won the title by beating Novak Djokovic in 2017, which was his first Masters victory. But in 2018, he lost the final to Rafael Nadal.

Iga Swiatek keeps her lead with her third Italian Open title.

  • When it came to the women’s singles event, Iga Swiatek of Poland won her third title in four years, making her a legend in the history of the Italian Open.
  • The world number one showed how good she is by beating Aryna Sabalenka of Belarus in straight sets, 6-2, 6-3. This was her 21st career title, which is an amazing amount.
  • It is truly amazing how well Swiatek has done at the Italian Open. In the previous year, she didn’t make it to the final, but her wins in 2021, 2022, and now 2024 make her one of the best clay-court players of our time.

6. World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development 2024 – May 21

The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development is held on May 21 round the world.

UNESCO has set aside this important day to celebrate the diversity of cultures around the world and the importance of talking to people from other cultures in order to build peace and long-term growth.

A Day to Help People Understand and Peace

On World Day for Cultural Diversity, we are reminded that 89% of all current battles in the world happen in places where people from different cultures don’t talk to each other much.

Improving communication between cultures must be a top goal if we want to work together well and keep the peace.

7. International Tea Day 2024, Date, History and Objective

Tea lovers and supporters all over the world will celebrate International Tea Day on Tuesday, May 21, 2024.

Every year, this event honours the simple tea leaf’s rich cultural history, economic importance, and positive effect on the environment.

Let’s talk about the background, themes, and goals of this important event while we raise our glasses in honour.

A beer with a lot of history

  • International Tea Day began in 2005, when trade unions, small tea farmers, and civil society groups in Asia and Africa came together to talk about the problems that tea workers and producers were having.
  • Their work was meant to bring attention to issues in the tea business, such as fair prices, living wages, and environmentally friendly methods.
  • Even though the day isn’t official, it’s important because it can bring about good change and raise awareness.
  • International Tea Day has grown into a worldwide movement over the years, bringing people from all over the tea world together to enjoy and protect this ancient drink.

8. National Anti-Terrorism Day: 21st May

In India, National Anti-Terrorism Day is held to remember the day that former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi died.

The sixth PM of India, Rajiv Gandhi, was killed on May 21, 1991.

This makes people more likely to choose peace and keep the peace.

As we work to free our society from the sins of terrorism, let us remember to stay united on this day.


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