Current Affairs Daily Digest – April 15 2024

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Current AFfairs

Current AFfairs

Current Affairs Daily Digest – April 15 2024

1. What is the Arrow Aerial Defense System?

The Arrow Defense System is a key part of Israel’s multi-layered defense against threats from the air, such as ballistic missiles.

This system was created by Israel Aerospace Industries and the U.S. Missile Defense Agency. Work on it began in the late 1980s and has grown over the years to include different versions, such as the Arrow 2 and Arrow 3 systems.

At high altitudes, the Arrow systems’ main job is to detect and destroy incoming ballistic missiles.

Arrow 2 protects against threats inside the atmosphere (endo-atmospheric), and Arrow 3 makes it possible to protect against threats outside the atmosphere (exo-atmospheric).

This makes it possible for a multi-tier defense strategy that uses Iron Dome for short-range projectiles and David’s Sling for medium- to long-range threats.

How the Arrow Defense System Can Help You

The Arrow system is designed to provide a complete air defense system by combining modern radar tracking, a control center, and interceptor missiles.

The radar in the device, which is called Green Pine, can find and follow projectiles coming from far away. When it finds a threat, it sends a message to the battle management center of the Arrow system.

This center then figures out the best course to stop the threat. An interceptor missile is sent up vertically and is driven by a solid-fuel booster that can reach speeds of up to Mach 9.

2. What can be the possible Impact of the Iran-Israel Conflict on Global Politics?

Israel has been at war with Iran for a long time, but their latest attacks with drones and missiles are a big step up in the war.

A hit by Israeli planes on Iran’s consulate in Damascus killed several members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

This conflict has now turned into open aggression. The situation puts the stability of the area at risk and has bigger effects on politics around the world.

Destabilization in the region

  • There is more instability in the Middle East right now because of the war between Iran and Israel.
  • Both countries have a lot of power in the area, and if things get worse between them, it could affect nearby countries, either directly or through proxy battles.
  • Some countries, like Syria, Lebanon (through Hezbollah), and even Saudi Arabia, could get involved in a bigger conflict.
  • This could make the security situation in the area unstable and hard to predict.

Alignments in world politics

  • The conflict between Iran and Israel is likely to have effects that go beyond regional lines and change the way politics are done around the world.
  • Since the US made it clear again that it will always back Israel, there may be changes in the way countries interact with each other as they decide whether to side with Israel or Iran.

3. Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti 2024

The “Father of Indian Constitution,” Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, was born on April 14, 1924. On April 14, 2024, Ambedkar Jayanti 2024 was held to honor his birthday.

The famous person’s 134th birthday is this year. He spent his whole life working for the rights of women and workers and ending discrimination against untouchables.

Ambedkar Jayanti, also known as “Equality Day,” is a public holiday in India. Across the country, people pay their respects to his statues and take part in processions.

During the celebrations, Dr. Ambedkar’s work as the main creator of the Indian Constitution is emphasized, along with his support for equality and education as a way to change society.

His work in finance and other fields of study around the world is also recognized.

Today is a reflection of his dream of a society without bias and discrimination, which motivates people to keep working for a more fair and inclusive society.

About Dr. Ambedkar: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, who is also known as Babasaheb Ambedkar, is thought to be the main person who wrote the Indian Constitution and fought for social justice and the rights of disadvantaged groups.

4. Siachen Day 2024 Observed is observed on April 13

On April 13, Siachen Day is celebrated to remember the bravery and sacrifice of Indian Army men who fought at the Siachen Glacier, the world’s highest battlefield.

On the same day in 1984, “Operation Meghdoot” began to protect the glacier, which was carefully placed close to the Line of Control between India and Pakistan.

The glacier’s position in the Karakoram range is strategically important because it is on the border between Pakistan and China.

This has caused a dispute over who owns the land because it is not clear where the lines are. The fighting over Siachen started after India was split into two parts, with both countries claiming to be present in the harsh area.

Operation Meghdoot stopped Pakistan from taking over the glacier, which was named after an old Indian tale.

The operation is the Indian Army’s most expensive and longest-running military action on record. Soldiers in Siachen have to deal with tough conditions like extreme weather and rough terrain.

At the Siachen Battle School, they learn how to survive.

Even though it’s hard, soldiers are still serving in Siachen, where they face altitude sickness and deaths from the harsh circumstances. For the Indian Army, Siachen is still a symbol of sacrifice and resolve.

5. Avantika Vandanapu named South Asian Person of the Year by Harvard

The origin of Hyderabad Actress Avantika Vandanapu, who is of Indian and American descent, has been presented with the distinction and title of “South Asian Person of the Year” by Harvard University.

The role of Karen Shetty, which she played in the musical comedy Mean Girls (2024), is what brought her the most fame.

This award was given to the actress, who is only 19 years old, in recognition of her remarkable accomplishments and services to the arts and society.

6. World Art Day 2024 is observed on April 15

People all over the world celebrate World Art Day on April 15th. This day is a tribute to the lasting effects of art on different societies and countries.

To honor the birthday of Leonardo da Vinci, who stands for artistic freedom and peace, this date was picked.

World Art Day not only honors the important work of artists, but also brings attention to how important art is for communication, national identity, and personal freedom.

The theme for World Art Day 2024

World Art Day 2024’s theme, “A Garden of Expression: Cultivating Community Through Art,” makes us think about how art brings people together and helps them understand each other better.

This theme shows how art can change people’s lives and bring people together through shared experiences and feelings.

7. Senior Bureaucrat Vandita Kaul Appointed as Secretary, Department of Posts

Senior Bureaucrat Vandita Kaul, a seasoned worker with a lot of experience in banks and financial services, has been named Secretary of the Department of Posts.

This is a big change. Kaul is a member of the Postal Services Board and was hired by the Indian Postal Service in 1989.

His job title is Member (Banking & Direct Benefit Transfer). She will take over for Vineet Pandey when he retires.

8. International Turban Day 2024 is observed on April 13

Every year on April 13, people around the world celebrate International Turban Day to honor the religious and cultural importance of the turban in Sikhism.

Today is a chance to spread the word about how important the turban is as a sign of Sikh identity and to encourage religious peace and understanding between cultures.

April 13 is “International Turban Day.” Why is that?

An important day for the Sikh community is April 13, which has been chosen as International Turban Day. One of the most important Sikh holidays, Baisakhi, falls on this date.

It marks the birth of the Khalsa Panth. In 1699, on this day, Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, set up the Khalsa Panth at Anandpur Sahib. This was a very important event in Sikh history.

Guru Gobind Singh’s choice to make the turban, also known as “dastar,” the traditional Sikh hat was a powerful show of respect and equality.

Before this, Mughal chieftains and Hindu Rajputs often wore turbans as a sign of their status.

Guru Gobind Singh wanted to bring the Sikh community together and give them more power by letting all of them wear turbans, carry swords, and change their names to Singh and Kaur.

9. Rashmi Kumari Wins National Women’s Carrom Title For The 12th time

With her 12th National Carrom Championship title, Rashmi Kumari has written her name deeper into the history of Indian carrom.

She has shown skill and steadiness that have never been seen before. K Nagajothi gave the three-time World Champion a tough match in the women’s final, but she won with scores of 25-8, 14-20, and 25-20.

Rashmi’s amazing accomplishment shows how dedicated she has always been, and how she has always strived for greatness, which has been the theme of her illustrious career.

Rashmi, who is the Chief Manager at the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), has made it easy for her to balance her work duties with her love of the sport, making her one of the most decorated carrom players in the country.

10. Former Cricket Australia (CA) chair, Jack Clarke Passes Away at 70

Jack Clarke, who was the past chair of Cricket Australia (CA), died in Adelaide at the age of 70. He was a true icon in the Australian cricket community.

Clarke made a lot of important contributions to cricket over many years. From 2008 to 2011, when he was chair of Cricket Australia, big events happened that changed the way Australian cricket is played.

A History of Leadership

  • Jack Clarke got his start in Australian cricket as a grade cricket player for Glenelg in Adelaide.
  • He then went on to work for 21 years as a director for the South Australian Cricket Association (SACA).
  • His commitment to and love for the sport was clear throughout his career. In 2012, the SACA made him an Honorary Life Member.

11. Justice Aniruddha Bose Appointed Director of National Judicial Academy

Justice Aniruddha Bose of the Supreme Court has been named the new head of the National Judicial Academy (NJA) in Bhopal.

This was announced by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud of the Supreme Court at a ceremony on April 10. The NJA was created in 1993 and is run by the Supreme Court.

Its goal is to improve judges’ skills and make running the courts easier.

About How the National Judicial Academy (NJA) Was Set Up and How It Works

  • Under the Societies Registration Act, of 1860, it was set up in 1993 as a separate company.
  • It is fully funded by the Indian government and runs according to orders from the Supreme Court.
  • A Governing Council (GC) and a General Body (GB) run the government. The Chief Justice of India is in charge of the GB.

Goals and Programs

  • Run training classes to help judges do their jobs as judges and as court administrators.
  • From 2017 to February 2023, they put together 347 educational events where judges, judicial officers, and people from other countries could participate.
  • NJA’s most important events are its regional workshops and other special events. During the same period, 19 newspapers wrote about its academic work.


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