Computer Quiz for Bank | SSC – 322

Computer Quiz for Competitive Examinations

1. The Analytical Engine developed during first Generation of computers used ________ as a memory unit
a) Floppies
b) RAM
c) Compact Discs
d) Counter Wheels

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Answer d) Counter Wheels. A counter circuit is usually constructed of a number of flip-flops connected in cascade. Counters are a very widely used component in digital circuits, and are manufactured as separate integrated circuits and also incorporated as parts of larger integrated circuits.

2. When we describe, or define, the categories of information we collect in an Excel worksheet, what type of table are we creating?
a) List definition
b) Classification
c) Explanation
d) Categorization

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Answer a) List definition. In computer science, a list or sequence is an abstract data type that represents a countable number of ordered values, where the same value may occur more than once.

3. Documents converted to __________ can be published to the web
a) Power Point
b) PDF

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Answer d) HTML. Hypertext Markup Language is the standard markup language for creating web pages and web applications. With Cascading Style Sheets and JavaScript it forms a triad of cornerstone technologies for the World Wide Web.

4. Expand CTL?
a) Common Tree Logic
b) Computation Tree Logic
c) Computation Text Logic
d) Computation Transfer Logic

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Answer b) Computation Tree Logic. Computation Tree Logic (CTL) is a branching-time logic, meaning that its model of time is a tree-like structure in which the future is not determined; there are different paths in the future, any one of which might be an actual path that is realized. It is used in formal verification of software or hardware artifacts, typically by software applications known as model checkers which determine if a given artifact possesses safety or liveness properties.

5. JavaScript was developed by __________ to run inside of web pages
a) Sun
b) Microsoft
c) Oracle
d) Netscape

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Answer d) Netscape. Netscape is the general name for a series of web browsers formerly produced by Netscape Communications Corporation, now a subsidiary of AOL.

6. BASIC, COBOL and Java are example of _________ languages
a) Algorithmic Language
b) Low level language
c) High level language
d) Structure programming language

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Answer c) High level language. Ultimately, programs written in a high-level language must be translated into machine language by a compiler or interpreter. The first high-level programming languages were designed in the 1950s. Now there are dozens of different languages, including Ada, Algol, BASIC, COBOL, C, C++, FORTRAN, LISP, Pascal, and Prolog.

7. Expand CLR?
a) Common Language Runtime
b) Colour Language Runtime
c) Computer Language Runtime
d) Command Language Runtime

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Answer a) Common Language Runtime. The Common Language Runtime (CLR), the virtual machine component of Microsoft’s .NET framework, manages the execution of .NET programs. A process known as just-in-time compilation converts compiled code into machine instructions which the computer’s CPU then executes.

8. A device operating at the physical layer is called a ________
a) Bridge
b) Repeater
c) Bridge
d) None of these

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Answer b) Repeater. In digital communication systems, a repeater is a device that receives a digital signal on an electromagnetic or optical transmission medium and regenerates the signal along the next leg of the medium. In electromagnetic media, repeaters overcome the attenuation caused by free-space electromagnetic-field divergence or cable loss. A series of repeaters make possible the extension of a signal over a distance.

9. A bootable disk is ______________
a) A disk that contains all the system files of DOS
b) A disk loaded with all the software
c) A disk in the computer which can be easily updated
d) A disk that contains all the system files of DOS

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Answer d) A disk that contains all the system files of DOS. A boot disk is a removable digital data storage medium from which a computer can load and run (boot) an operating system or utility program. The computer must have a built-in program which will load and execute a program from a boot disk meeting certain standards.

10. When you continuously measure yourself against your peers, you are employing _________
a) Balancing
b) Reliability
c) Benchmarking
d) Stability

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Answer c) Benchmarking. Benchmarking is comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests and best practices from other companies. In project management benchmarking can also support the selection, planning and delivery of projects.

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