General Knowledge Quiz – Set Sixty Nine

1. Noise is measured in units of
a) Hertz
b) Decibel
c) Dobson
d) Becquerel

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Answer b) Decibel

2. The unit for measuring the frequency of sound is
a) Decibel
b) Hertz
c) Dobson Units
d) None

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Answer d) Hertz

3. The maximum Permissible sound limit, beyond it is certainly regarded as pollutant
a) 20 dB
b) 40dB
c) 45dB
d) 80dB

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Answer d) 80 dB

4. According to science researchers, the aquatic animals which are most badly affected by radioactive radiations are
a) Algae
b) Fish
c) Mollusks
d) Reptiles

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Answer b) Fish

5. Radioactive radiations may cause mutagenic effects in
a) Humans
b) Animals
c) Both 1 and 2
d) None

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Answer c) Both 1 and 2

6. Which is the natural source of radioactivity in the environment
a) Cosmic rays
b) Radioactive rocks
c) Radio nuclides
d) None

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Answer c) Radio nuclides

7. The potentially renewable resource is
a) solar energy
b) Fossils Fuel
c) Fertile soil
d) Wind

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Answer c) Fertile Soil

8. A hazardous waste is characterized by
a) Reactivity
b) Toxicity
c) Ignitibility
d) All of the above

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Answer d) All of the above

9. Eco-Labeling is governed by
a) ISO `14001
b) ISO 14020
c) ISO 14010
d) ISO 14040

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Answer a) ISO 14001

10. Rapid EIA is called
a) Study of 3 months
b) Study of 4 months
c) Study of 6 months
d) study of 1 year

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Answer a) Study of 3 months

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