Chinese VP in India; signs two agreements

India and China on November 7 signed two agreements including one in the field of water resources on sharing hydrological data on the Satluj river. Vice President Hamid Ansari and his Chinese counterpart Li Yuanchao held delegation level talks in New Delhi. Li is the first Chinese Vice president to visit India in more than six decades.

Mr. Li who visited Aurangabad and Kolkata before landing in Delhi, will preside over the renewal of the 2013 memorandum of understanding on joint water management which helps India and China share data on multiple Himalayan rivers for better water management.

The second agreement to be signed during Mr. Li’s visit will be on the cultural exhibition on the Gupta period in the Indian history to be held in 2016 in China. Mr. Li visited Ajanta cave complex which holds some of the finest cultural and architectural achievements from the Gupta period. Experts say that Mr. Li’s visit highlights the fact that the Chinese government looks at the Gupta empire with particular interest as it was during this period that the Nalanda university prospered which later on hosted Xuanzang during his visit to India (629-645 AD).

The Vice-President of China will conclude his India visit by sealing agreements marking cooperation on better river water management and cultural exchanges.

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