Wrong Decisions – They were never really wrong

Wrong Decisions

Do you regret the decisions you took? Do you think they were wrong? Do you think, there is nothing that can be done now?  These are the Questions which keep haunting every one of us and probably there are no answers. But, have you ever thought, why?


Well, this “why” definitely has an answer and it is very simple. The answer is because “We are Humans.”

Yes! We are humans and it is ok to make mistakes. We are not machines who are programmed to deliver the certain output at an exact date and time.

Not to mention, we have become the worrying machines. We worry about everything. Sorry, we don’t worry…we REGRET. Worry is something which one does before the situation has happened and Regret is something one does after the situation has happened.  We REGRET and that is what makes our decisions painful to us.

Why REGRET? When you have whole life ahead to make better decisions? Why Regret? When past was never really that bad? Why Regret? When life is really a beautiful blessing?

Forget all that has happened!….forget you couldn’t get good %age in Xth…Forget you took wrong subject in XIth….forget history repeated itself  in XIIth…forget you couldn’t land up in the college of your dreams…forget your friends were chameleon…forget you partner ditched you….forget you are unemployed….forget life sucked sometimes….

This is all over and do not forget YOU SURVIVED. You survived all the miseries, problems, sadness and failures.

Now, there lie a future, full of possibilities. Possibility to choose the right career, possibility to land up in a good job….possibility to marry your dream partner….possibility to make your parents proud…possibility to make yourself proud…possibility to make mistakes but new one.

Life was never that difficult, it was us who made it complicated. Our decisions were never really wrong; it was us who made them painful. Our decisions were just MISTAKES through which we learned, what is life all about!

Remember, it is never too late to make a new beginning….:)…You are born to Conquer.

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