Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 67


Do You Know Who is a Wordsmith?

Wordsmith means a skilled user of words. Become a Wordsmith with DayTodayGK. Learn TEN new words everyday!!!

Meaning:(of a woman) continually criticize and order about (her husband or other male partner).ग़ुलाम
Sentence:he was a henpecked husband at the end of his tether”

Meaning:show one’s resentment or anger, especially by throwing up one’s head and drawing in one’s chin.लगाम
Sentence:she bridled at his tone.

Meaning:relating to or affecting the senses rather than the intellect.भावमय
Sentence:the work showed a deliberate disregard of the more sensuous and immediately appealing aspects of painting”
Meaning:based on, concerned with, or verifiable by observation or experience rather than theory or pure logic. अनुभवजन्य
Sentence:There is strong empirical evidence to support the case for vertical integration.

Meaning :to prove wrong by argument or evidence :, show to be false or erroneous.खंडन
Sentence:refuted the allegations.

Meaning :a strong or habitual liking for something or tendency to do something.झुकाव
Sentence:he has a penchant for adopting stray dogs”

Meaning:check or guide (a horse) by pulling on its reins.लगाम
Sentence:he reined in his horse and waited”

Meaning:a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.अस्वस्थता
Sentence:a general air of malaise

9)Asinine :Adjective
Meaning :extremely stupid or foolish.बुद्धू
Sentence:Lydia ignored his asinine remark.

Meaning :a person’s natural tendency or urge to act or feel in a particular way; a disposition.हठ
Sentence:John was a scientist by training and inclination

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