Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 6

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Wordsmith is the new initiative by the DayTodayGK team. Vocabulary indeed plays an important part in our daily life. Albeit we all have knowledge but we are unable to communicate due to lack of confidence, linguistic abilities and most of the time, we are unable to understand the meaning of the particular word.

So, here we present D2G’s Glossary in which we will share 10 words daily and we would encourage you to do the same. With this, we can increase our knowledge and build our Vocabulary stronger.

D2G’s Glossary- Episode 6

1. Idyllic
Meaning: Extremely pleasant, simple and peaceful without any difficulties or dangers (सुखद) (அமைதியான) (కావ్యంలాగా సాగిపోతూ)
…an idyllic setting for a summer romance…

2. Diktat
Meaning: Something such as a law or government which people have to obey even if they do not agree with it, (फरमान) (ஆணை) (-కఠినమైన షరతులు)
a diktat from the King.

3. Forlorn
Meaning: unhappy and alone, सूना (கைவிடப்பட்ட) (నిరాధారమైన)
She sat forlorn on the pavement….

4. Grimy
Meaning: very Dirty, गंदा (அழுக்காக்கு) (అశుద్ధముగావుండే)
…a grimy industrial city.

5. Meek
Meaning: Gentle and quiet, विनयपूर्ण (அடக்கவொடுக்கமான) (వినయం గల)
He was a meek, mild-mannered fellow…

6. Quirky
Meaning: odd or unpredictable, विचित्र (நகைச்சுவையான) (వేరుఅయిన)
You will probably notice an element of quirkiness in his behaviour.

7. Skittish
Meaning: nervous, परेशान (நிலையற்ற பண்புடைய) (జంకే)
…his relentlessly skittish sense of humour.

8. Roly-Poly
Meaning: Fat Persons, मोटे व्यक्ति (குண்டான  நபர்) (కొవ్వు వ్యక్తి)
…a short, roly-poly man with laughing eyes.

9. Niggles
Meaning: cause to Worry, चिंता का कारण (கவலை) (ఆందోళన కారణం)
It’s been niggling at my mind ever since I met Shyam..

10. Nifty
Meaning: Neat and pleasant, सुखद (நாகரீகமான) (చాలా మంచి)
It was a nifty arrangement, a perfect partnership.

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