Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 57

1) Skew :Verb,Noun
Meaning:suddenly change direction or position.विषम
Sentence:the car had skewed across the track.

Meaning :a supply or quantity of bullets and shells.गोलाबारूद
Sentence:police seized arms and ammunition.

Meaning:a large or excessive amount of something. बहुतायत
Sentence:a plethora of committees and subcommittees.

Meaning :affected by or deriving from wildly uncontrolled emotion.उन्माद
Sentence:Janet became hysterical and began screaming

Meaning:a person who demands complete obedience; a strict disciplinarian. कठोर अनुशासक
Sentence:the woman in charge was a martinet who treated all those beneath her like children.

Meaning :cheerful and light-hearted. आनंदमय
Sentence:a jocund wedding party.

7)Levity : Noun
Meaning :the treatment of a serious matter with humour or lack of due respect.छिछोरापन
Sentence:as an attempt to introduce a note of levity, the words were a disastrous flop.

8) languor :Noun
Meaning :tiredness or inactivity, especially when pleasurable.शिथिलता
Sentence:her whole being was pervaded by a dreamy languor.

9)Wayward : Adjective
Meaning :difficult to control or predict because of wilful or perverse behaviour.स्वच्छंद
Sentence:a wayward adolescent.

10)Jeer :Noun
Meaning :make rude and mocking remarks, typically in a loud voice.मज़ाक
Sentence:some of the younger men jeered at him.