Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 46

1)Leisure – Noun
Meaning: Free Time (खाली समय)
Sentence: Writers love to read novels in their leisure.

2)Nocturnal – Adjective
Meaning: Primarily active during the night.( निशाचर)
Sentence: Owl is a Nocturnal bird.

3)Oblong – Noun, adjective
Meaning: A rectangle having length greater than width.(आयताकार)
Sentence: An oblong table

4)Aperture – Noun
Meaning: An opening or a gap or a hole. ( छेद)
Sentence: They have an aperture in their house.

5)Swarthy– Adjective
Meaning: dark- skinned. ( साँवला)
Sentence: These days girls usually like swarthy men.

6)Nimble – Adjective
Meaning: Quick and light in improvement or action. (फुर्तीला)
Sentence: He was nimble mind and can improvise in any situation.

7)Butler- Noun
Meaning: A manservant having charge of wines and liquors.(ख़ानसामा)
Sentence: Our butler is on leave.

8)Rattle – Noun
Meaning: make or cause to make a rapid succession of short, sharp knocking sounds.(खड़खड़ाना)
Sentence: I wish the dashboard in my car would quit rattling.

9)Benign – Adjective
Meaning- Kind, gentle ( कृपालु)
Sentence: He was always a benign host.

10)Unctuous – Adjective
Meaning: Oily or greasy, excessively flattering. (स्निग्ध)
Sentence: He wanted to please him but not in an unctuous way.

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