Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 195


Do You Know Who is a Wordsmith?
Wordsmith means a skilled user of words. Become a Wordsmith with DayTodayGK. Learn TEN new words everyday!!!

Meaning:a person who dislikes humankind and avoids human society,मानवद्वेषी.
Sentence:I’d always thought I was a misanthrope , but maybe I’m just an introvert instead.

Meaning:vigorous or incisive in expression or style,कटु.
Sentence:she heard angry voices, not loud, yet certainly trenchant.

Meaning:rebuke or reprimand severely,दंड देना.
Sentence:he chastised his colleagues for their laziness.

Meaning:the quality of being easily bent; flexibility,लचक.
Sentence:an excellent combination of strength, pliability, and elasticity.

Meaning:(in historical contexts) money or food given to poor people,भिक्षा.
Sentence:Setting the tone for the rest of the journey, the queen made public appearances and distributed alms to the poor.

Meaning:(of language) spoken as one’s mother tongue; not learned or imposed as a second language,मातृभाषा.
Sentence:Instead it will become regarded historically as a document that knowingly accelerated the demise of vernacular language usage in the Northern Territory.

Meaning:eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight,झगड़ालू.
Sentence:the increasingly pugnacious demeanor of politicians.

Meaning:(of a person’s voice or other sound) imposingly deep and full,मधुर.
Sentence:The tall, square-jawed actor with a deep, sonorous voice made more than 50 films in a career spanning six decades.

Meaning:a person who takes part in a dialogue or conversation,वार्ताकार.
Sentence:But that’s not what my interlocutors , particularly the German ones, really want.

Meaning:sacrilegious against God or sacred things; profane,तिरस्कारी.
Sentence:blasphemous and heretical talk.

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