Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 19

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Wordsmith is another initiative by the DayTodayGK team. Vocabulary indeed plays an important part in our daily life. Albeit we all have knowledge but we are unable to communicate due to lack of confidence, linguistic abilities and most of the time, we are unable to understand the meaning of the particular word.

So, here we present D2G’s Glossary in which we will share 10 words daily and we would encourage you to do the same. With this, we can increase our knowledge and build our Vocabulary stronger.

D2G’s Glossary- Episode 19

1. Surreal: Adj
Meaning: Bizzare.(अतियथार्थवादी) (அதீதகற்பனை) (అధివాస్తవిక)
Sentence: a surreal mix of fact and fantasy

2. Apparition : Noun
Meaning:a ghost or ghost like image of a person.(प्रेतछाया) (கற்பனையுருவம்) (భూతం,ప్రేతాత్మ ప్రత్యక్షత)
Sentence: A apparition of his wife.

3. Replica: Noun
Meaning:an exact copy or model of something, especially one on a smaller scale.  (प्रतिकृति) (நகல் , சரியான பிரதி) (ప్రతిరూపము)
Sentence: A replica of Mona lisa is never found.

4. Citadel: Noun
Meaning:a fortress, typically one on high ground above a city.(गढ़) (நகரத்துக்கு அண்மையிலுள்ள கோட்டை) (కోట ప్రహరీ)
Sentence:They met in Citadel.

5. Weary: Adj, Verb
Meaning: feeling or showing extreme tiredness.( ऊब जाना) (களைப்புற்ற) (అలసినట్టి)
Sentence: she was wearied by her persistent cough.

6. Impeachable: Adjective
Meaning:Impeachment is a formal process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity.(दोष लगाने योग्य) (குற்றத்துக்கிடமான) (నేరముమోపడము)
Sentence: A broad bipartisan House Judiciary Committee majority found his sins to riseto the level of impeachable offenses.

7.  Accord: Verb, Noun
Meaning:give or grant someone (power, status, or recognition).( सहमति) (ஒப்பந்தம்) (సరిపడు)
Sentence: the powers accorded to the head of state.

8. Benevolent: Adjective
Meaning:well meaning and kindly.( परोपकारी) (நற்செயலாற்றும் விருப்பமுள்ள) (దయగల,కనికరంగల)
Sentence: he was something of a benevolent

9. Tactful: Adjective
Meaning:having or showing skill and sensitivity in dealing with others or with difficult issues. (व्यवहारकुशल) (சாமர்த்தியமான) (తెలివిగా,స్పర్శ జ్ఞానము)
Sentence: they need a tactful word of advice

10. Resonance: Noun
Meaning: the quality in a sound of being deep, full, and reverberating.(प्रतिध्वनि) (எதிரொளி) (ప్రతి ధ్వని)
Sentence: The resonance of his voice.

If you have come across new words, Please share it in the comment Section. We would love to know them. 

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