Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 17

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Wordsmith is another initiative by the DayTodayGK team. Vocabulary indeed plays an important part in our daily life. Albeit we all have knowledge but we are unable to communicate due to lack of confidence, linguistic abilities and most of the time, we are unable to understand the meaning of the particular word.

So, here we present D2G’s Glossary in which we will share 10 words daily and we would encourage you to do the same. With this, we can increase our knowledge and build our Vocabulary stronger.

D2G’s Glossary- Episode 17

1. Slay: Verb
Meaning:kill (a person or animal) in a violent way.(हत्या करना) (அழி, வேட்டையாடி கொல்) (చంపు,వధించు)
Sentence: Brother slayed each other for money.

2. Exasperate:  Verb
Meaning: irritate intensely, infuriate.(परेशान करना) (எரிச்சலுட்டு) (రెచ్చగొట్టు)
Sentence: The foul smell exasperated her.

3. Perish:  Verb
Meaning:die, especially in a violent or sudden way, (of rubber, food, etc.) lose its normal qualities; rot or decay.  (मर जाना) (இறந்துபோ) (మరణించు)
Sentence: Apple perished because they weren’t placed inside the fridge.

4. Audacity: Noun
Meaning: a willingness to take bold risks, rude or disrespectful behaviour; impudence.(गुस्ताख़ी) (துணிவு) (ధైర్యం)
Sentence: She has the audacity to swim underwater.

5. Agony: Noun
Meaning: extreme physical or mental suffering.( कष्ट) (சோதனை , வேதனை , துன்பம்) (వేదన)
Sentence: She longed for death because of agony.

6. Realm: Noun
Meaning: a kingdom. (राज्य) (சாம்ராஜ்யம்) (రాజ్యం)
Sentence: The defence of the realm.

7. Valor:verb
Meaning: great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle.(वीरता) (வீரமுள்ள) (శూరత్వము, వీర్యముగల)
Sentence: They received medals for the acts of valor.

8. Enervating: Verb
Meaning: make (someone) feel drained of energy or vitality.(शक्तिहीन करना) (ஊக்கம் குறைந்த) (దుర్బలము చేయు)
Sentence: She felt enervating after the battle.

9. Unnerve: Verb
Meaning: make (someone) lose courage or confidence. (हतोत्साहित) (சோர்வடையச் செய்) (అలసిపోవునట్టు, బలహీనపరచు)
Sentence: I had an unnerved experience with him.

10. Sagacious: Adj.
Meaning: wise or shrewd.(समझदार) (மதிநுட்பமுடைய) (సూక్ష్మబుద్దిగల, వివేకముగల)
Sentence: She was sagacious enough to make a good move.

If you have come across new words, Please share it in the comment Section. We would love to know them. 

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