Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 157


Do You Know Who is a Wordsmith?
Wordsmith means a skilled user of words. Become a Wordsmith with DayTodayGK. Learn TEN new words everyday!!!

1)Nudge: Noun
Meaning:a light touch or push.
Sentence:he gave her shoulder a nudge.

2)Arcane: Adjective
Meaning:understood by few; mysterious or secret, रहस्य का.
Sentence:modern math and its arcane notation.

3)Virulent: Adjective
Meaning:(of a disease or poison) extremely severe or harmful in its effects.
Sentence:They’re seem to spread like a virulent disease.

4)Gregarious: Adjective
Meaning:(of a person) fond of company; sociable,सुसामाजिक.
Sentence:he was a popular and gregarious man.

5)Jingoism: Noun
Meaning:extreme patriotism, especially in the form of aggressive or warlike foreign policy,अंधराष्ट्रीयता.
Sentence:The Irish way is the difference between patriotism and jingoism .

6)Magniloquent: Adjective
Meaning:using high-flown or bombastic language, आडंबरपूर्ण.
Sentence:I had no idea ‘If you will ‘was supposed to be a magniloquent term in the 2000s, according to Fleming.

7)Incorrigible: Adjective
Meaning:(of a person or their tendencies) not able to be corrected, improved, or reformed,असंशोधनीय.
Sentence:she’s an incorrigible flirt.

8)Impertinent: Adjective
Meaning:not showing proper respect; rude,अभेद्य.
Sentence:an impertinent question.

9)Wanton: Adjective
Meaning:(of a cruel or violent action) deliberate and unprovoked,प्रचंड.
Sentence:sheer wanton vandalism.

10)Despondent: Adjective
Meaning:in low spirits from loss of hope or courage,हताश.
Sentence:He was not too despondent after his defeat and believes he can launch a stronger bid when he has gained more experience.

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