Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 14

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Wordsmith is another initiative by the DayTodayGK team. Vocabulary indeed plays an important part in our daily life. Albeit we all have knowledge but we are unable to communicate due to lack of confidence, linguistic abilities and most of the time, we are unable to understand the meaning of the particular word.

So, here we present D2G’s Glossary in which we will share 10 words daily and we would encourage you to do the same. With this, we can increase our knowledge and build our Vocabulary stronger.

D2G’s Glossary- Episode 14

1. Subtle: Adjective
Meaning: So precise as to be difficult to analyse or describe.( अतिसूक्ष्म) (நுட்பமான) (సూక్ష్మ,సున్నితమైన)
Sentence: Their love was subtle.

2. Purgatory: Noun, Adjective
Meaning: A place or state of suffering inhabited by the soul of sinners who are expiating their sinners before going to heaven.(यातना) (பாவம் போக்கப்படும் இடம்) (నరకం)
Sentence: She would not go to purgatory as all her sins are forgiven.

3. Sarcasm: Noun
Meaning:The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.( कटाक्ष) (கேலி) (వ్యంగ్యం)
Sentence: She uses sarcasm to defend herself.

4. Swag: Noun, verb
Meaning: Money or goods taken by a thief or burglar(लूट का माल) (கொள்ளையிட்ட பொருள்) (దొంగతనం చేసిన వస్తు సామాగ్రి)
Sentence: Wallets are the most popular swag.

5. Loathe: Verb
Meaning: feel intense dislike or disgust for(नफरत करना) (அருவருப்பு) (అసహ్యించు)
Sentence: She loathed men.

6. Abomination: Noun
Meaning: A thing that causes disgust. ( नफ़रत) (மிக்க அருவருப்பு) (అసహాయం)
Sentence: “concrete abominations masquerading as hotels.”

7. Chivalry: Noun
Meaning: The medieval knightly system with its religious moral. (शूरता) (வீர தர்மம்) (బలహీనులకు సాయపడే గుణం కలిగి ఉండుట,ధైర్య0)
Sentence:I fought against the cream of French chivalry.

8. Courteous: Adjective
Meaning: Polite in manner.( Courteous) (இணக்கவணக்கமான) (మర్యాదగా ప్రవర్తించు,మంచి, మర్యాదలు తెలిసిన)
Sentence: He is courteous to all.

9. Reliance:Noun
Meaning: Dependence or trust in someone or something.( भरोसा) (நம்பிக்கைக்குரிய நிலை) (నమ్మిక,విశ్వాసము)
 Sentence: He wrote the paper with considerable reliance on the work of other scientists

10. Colossus: Noun
Meaning: a statue or personality that is much bigger than life size..( विशालमूर्ति) (பேருருவச்சிலை) (మంచి వ్యక్తిత్వం)
Sentence: the Russian Empire was the colossus of European politics.

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