Wordsmith – D2G’s Glossary Ep 138


Do You Know Who is a Wordsmith?

Wordsmith means a skilled user of words. Become a Wordsmith with DayTodayGK. Learn TEN new words everyday!!!

1)Motley: Adjective
Meaning: incongruously varied in appearance or character; disparate.मिश्रित
Sentence: a motley crew of discontents and zealots.

2)Berserk: Adjective
Meaning: (of a person or animal) out of control with anger or excitement; wild or frenzied.निडर
Sentence: after she left him, he went berserk , throwing things about the apartment.

3)Pecuniary: Adjective
Meaning: of, relating to, or consisting of money.धन-संबंधी
Sentence: he admitted obtaining a pecuniary advantage by deception.

4)Manacle: Noun
Meaning: a metal band, chain, or shackle for fastening someone’s hands or ankles.हथकड़ी
Sentence: the practice of keeping prisoners in manacles.

5)Bonhomie: Noun
Meaning: cheerful friendliness; geniality.खुशमिज़ाजी
Sentence: he exuded good humor and bonhomie.

6)Wrath: Noun
Meaning: extreme anger (chiefly used for humorous or rhetorical effect).कोप
Sentence: he hid his pipe for fear of incurring his father’s wrath.

7)Hoodwink: Verb
Meaning: deceive or trick (someone).आंख में धूल झोंकना
Sentence: an attempt to hoodwink the public.

8)Sear: Verb
Meaning: burn or scorch the surface of (something) with a sudden, intense heat.जलाना
Sentence: the water got so hot that it seared our lips.

9)Fluke: Noun
Meaning: unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck.
Sentence:their triumph was no fluke.

10)Dour: Adjective
Meaning: relentlessly severe, stern, or gloomy in manner or appearance.बेदर्द
Sentence: a hard, dour, humorless fanatic.

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