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Alcohol – It has the capability to swallow up the people completely. When a person drinks, he completely lose his personality and become transformed. They don’t live in their own bodies. They behave like someone else has invaded to their body. Alcohol leads to bad and potentially life-threatening decisions.

Nowadays, accidents due to drunken drive have become very common. For this reason, police have also increased the number of breath alcohol tests. It is one of the main reasons which causes innocent drivers to be pulled over by the police in suspected DUI. Yes, it is distressing. At times, innocent individuals are also falsely accused of DUI due to the suspects of police. As a result, they might even have to get in touch with a DUI lawyer (interested parties can click here–view website–to learn more about how lawyers from firms like Salwin Law Group can deal with such cases) to handle such issues. However, in the event that one cannot avail of the services of the above-mentioned law firm, individuals can also consult DUI legal experts near them. That said, the experts may be found with the help of DUI Legal Help (https://duilegalhelp.org/), which happens to connect individuals with the most reputed DUI law firms.

Anyway, one must have heard, “a dirty fish spoils the pond”. It seems that the proverb is real for this scenario.

Moreover, under the influence of Alchohol, some men think themselves as God. They think there is no one to restrict or control them. They do whatever they want. Some men even do extreme bad things like rape or murder.

How this transformation is happening? What changes a man to a devil? What happens when Alcohol enters the body?

What is alcohol?

Alcohol is produced by a process called fermentation, and is found in beer, liquor, and wine. There are other types of alcohol as well, many of which can lead to severe sickness or even death. They’re found in cleaning products, rubbing alcohol, some medications, antifreeze, or in fuel, and are not for drinking.

Alcohol is banned in some parts of India such as Manipur and Gujarat, but it is legally consumed in the majority of states

Why do people drink alcohol?

People have been drinking alcohol for thousands of years. Drinking has become a part of the life in modern society. However, there are times when people drink alcohol for the wrong reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • It seems like “everyone else is doing it”
  • Being pressured by friends, classmates, or older siblings
  • Avoiding dealing with feelings of loneliness, anxiety, or depression
  • Feeling more social or outgoing at parties

People live Kerala are the heaviest drinkers in India.

What happens to the body when you drink?

When you drink, alcohol enters the bloodstream through your stomach and small intestine. From there it travels to the brain, and because it’s a depressant, it slows down the functions of your body.

Drinking alcohol

  • Slows down your reaction time
  • Makes you less coordinated
  • Impairs your vision
  • Makes it harder to thinking clearly and make good decisions

Getting “drunk” (or intoxicated) is your body’s reaction to drinking too much alcohol. This happens when someone is binge drinking.

Additionally, when you’re drunk:

  • Your brain function is impaired
  • Your blood vessels dilate; this means that you feel warmer, but you’re body is actually losing heat
  • Your risk of getting into a car crash, a physical fight, or sustaining an injury is increased

Binge drinking is when someone drinks a lot of alcohol in a short period of time.

what happens when alcohol enters

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In fact, alcohol, even in the smallest doses, affects nearly every system in the body, from the brain to circulation to immunity.

In and Out

The presence of food in the stomach at the moment of drinking delays the absorption of alcohol in the blood. So, when a person drinks alcohol in empty stomach, he can feel a quicker effect than when the drink is taken during or after a meal. Drinking on an empty stomach can make someone really intoxicated in a short amount of time, making them wonder things like, “Does bread make you sober?”, “Will eating greasy food help?”, along with other such questions. Additionally, drinks that have an alcohol level of more than 20% stay longer in the stomach than drinks with a lower alcohol level.

The quantity of alcohol in the blood is expressed in per mill. Someone who weighs a lot has more body fluids than someone who weighs less. So a lighter person notices more of the same number of glasses of alcohol than a heavier person.

There is also a difference between men and women. The body of a woman contains on average less body fluids per kilo than a man. So a woman will get a higher blood alcohol level faster than a man. Also, women digest a smaller part of the alcohol in the body.

The liver finally breaks down the alcohol, after which it is eliminated through urine.

Underage drinking is becoming a problem in India.

Is alcohol addiction hereditary?

Children of alcohol-dependent parents run a higher risk of developing an alcohol problem than other children. Investigations have shown that there can be a certain hereditary tendency for getting alcohol problems. This goes even more for sons of dependent fathers than for daughters. It may be imperative to look for Alcohol Addiction Help or rehab centres as soon as this risk becomes real. These institutions can address the causes of alcohol abuse and help patients make a full recovery.

93% Indians drink hard liquor – whisky or vodka – while only 7% drink beer.

Must Watch Video – Alcohol & Brain

Alcohol Abuse/Alcohol Dependence

Alcohol abuse occurs when drinking alcohol negatively affects your health, behavior, relationships, and your ability to work and perform daily activities.

Signs of Alcohol Abuse

  • Not being able to keep up with responsibilities at school, home, or work
  • Continued drinking even though it’s caused relationship problems (with parents/guardians, siblings, friends etc.)
  • Getting into legal trouble because of alcohol
  • Drinking in risky situations (such as while driving or operating heavy machinery)

Alcohol dependence (also called alcoholism or alcohol addiction) is a chronic disease, and is different from alcohol abuse.

Signs of Alcohol Dependence

  • Craving alcohol
  • Not being able to limit or stop drinking
  • Using alcohol even though it causes problems with your physical or emotional health

Toxic alcohol deaths are a regular occurrence in India, where people often drink cheap bootleg liquor.

Health Risks of Alcohol

  • Anemia – Heavy drinking can cause the number of oxygen-carrying red blood cells to be abnormally low.
  • Habitual drinking increases the risk of cancer. Scientists believe the increased risk comes when the body converts alcohol into acetaldehyde, a potent carcinogen.
  • Heavy drinking, especially bingeing, makes platelets more likely to clump together into blood clots, which can lead to heart attack or stroke.
  • Alcohol is toxic to liver cells, and many heavy drinkers develop cirrhosis, a sometimes-lethal condition in which the liver is so heavily scarred that it is unable to function.
  • As people age, their brains shrink, on average, at a rate of about 1.9% per decade. That’s considered normal. But heavy drinking speeds the shrinkage of certain key regions in the brain, resulting in memory loss and other symptoms of dementia.
  • Heavy drinking — and bingeing, in particular — can cause blood pressure to rise. Over time, this effect can become chronic.
  • Heavy drinking suppresses the immune system, providing a toehold for infections, including tuberculosis, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases (including some that cause infertility).
  • Heavy drinking can cause a form of nerve damage known as alcoholic neuropathy, which can produce a painful pins-and-needles feeling or numbness.
  • In addition to causing stomach irritation (gastritis), drinking can inflame the pancreas.

WHO states “The harmful use of alcohol results in approximately 2.5 million deaths each year. Almost 4 per cent of all deaths worldwide are attributed to alcohol.”

How to get rid of Alcohol Addiction?

  • Get rid of temptations.
  • Be upfront about your new limits.
  • Avoid bad influences.
  • Learn from the past.
  • Avoid the things that trigger your urge to drink.
  • Practice saying “no” to alcohol in social situations.

Your Body Is Your Temple. Not a Trash Can. Keep It Pure & Clean For The Soul To Reside In. Please Be Kind To It. You Will Have Only One.

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