United Nations International Decades

United Nations International Decades

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What is United Nations?

  • The UN is the largest, most familiar, most internationally represented and most powerful intergovernmental organization in the world.
  • The United Nations was emerged as replacement for the ineffective League of Nations, the organization was established on 24 October 1945 after World War II in order to prevent another such conflict.
  • UN System agencies include the World Bank Group, the World Health Organization, the World Food Programme, UNESCO, and UNICEF.
  • Secretary‑General – António Guterres

United Nations International Decades

What are United Nations International Decades?

The United Nations or UN observe International Decades to promote awareness and also to take serious actions on necessary issues. (Also Check Out United Nations International Years).

The United Nations International Decades are being observed since 1960. The main focus of observing International Decades is to gain more attention towards major issues and also to take necessary actions at international level.

Complete List of United Nations International Decades :

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United Nations International Decades

12018-2028United Nations Decade for Action on Water for Sustainable Development
22016–2025United Nations Decade of Action on Nutrition
32015–2024International Decade for People of African Descent
42014–2024United Nations Decade of Sustainable Energy for All
  • Third International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism
  • United Nations Decade on Biodiversity
  • Decade of Action for Road Safety
62010–2020United Nations Decade for Deserts and the Fight against Desertification
72008–2017Second United Nations Decade for the Eradication of Poverty
82006–2016Decade of Recovery and Sustainable Development of the Affected Regions (third decade after the Chernobyl disaster)
92005–2015International Decade for Action, “Water for Life”
  • United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development
  • Second International Decade of the World’s Indigenous People
112003–2012United Nations Literacy Decade: Education for All
  • International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence for the Children of the World
  • Decade to Roll Back Malaria in Developing Countries, Particularly in Africa
  • Second International Decade for the Eradication of Colonialism
131997–2006Decade for The Eradication for Poverty
141995–2004Decade for Human Rights Education
151994–2004Decade of the World’s Indigenous People
161993–2003Third Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination
  • Second Industrial Development Decade for Africa
  • Second Transport and Communications Decade in Africa
  • United Nations Decade Against Drug Abuse
  • Fourth United Nations Development Decade
181990–2000International Decade for the Eradification of Colonialism
  • United Nations Decade of International Law
  • International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction
201990sThird Disarmament Decade
211988–1997World Decade for Cultural Development
221983–1993Second Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination
231983–1992United Nations Decade for Disabled Persons
  • International Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Decade
  • Third United Nations Development Decade
251980–1990Second Disarmament Decade
261980sIndustrial Development Decade for Africa
271978–1988Transport and Communications Decade for Africa
281976–1985United Nations Decade for Women: Equality, Development and Peace
291973–1983Decade to Combat Racism and Racial Discrimination
301971–1980Second United Nations Development Decade
311970sDisarmament Decade
321960–1970United Nations Development Decade
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