Top Eight Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For Bank Exams

Hello Friends,

Now the results came. Some have cleared the exam and some didn’t. Congrats for those who cleared. Those who didn’t clear the exam – there is no need to worry. This is not the end of the World. It’s time to do something which you forgot to do.

“I planned perfectly. I applied for the exam. I prepared well. I worked hard. But he/she cleared. I didn’t”

So What Happened?

Don’t you think it’s time to think about that and change something you forgot to? Where you are lagging?

This Article is prepared with the inputs from so many people who have failed the exam and also who have succeeded after a couple of failures.

It’s up to you to take this serious.

Top 8 Mistakes To Avoid While Preparing For Bank Exams

Mistake Number One – Applying for all the Exams

This is the serious mistake that most of the Aspirants do. Each and every exam is different and it needs it’s own way of preparation.

Most of the people appear for all the exams. If they are eligible they will apply. They apply for VAO, Group I, Group II, Bank PO, Bank Clerk, RBI, Railways, SSC, Insurance Exams, UPSC, Postal, ….etc etc etc.

I am eligible. So i am applying. What’s wrong in it?

Dude. Are you really serious?

Fix Your Mind First Amigo. You don’t even know what you want exactly. Imagine this scenario. You are going to a Hotel. What will you do? You Order what you want right. You won’t say “Give me anything. I will eat”. That’s how it is.

Your mind works based on your desire friend. So fix your mind first. Tell your mind clearly that you want this.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coelho

This is my favorite quote from my favorite Author. Believe me. It works. It worked so many times for me.

So Decide What You Want First. Then Plan Accordingly. Don’t apply for all the exams and demotivate yourself because of repeated failures.

Mistake Number Two – Taking Things For Granted

This is another serious mistake. While you are in a preparation phase, at one point of time, you will feel you are very strong in a particular subject & you don’t even need to revise it. This mindset will cost you the job you have dreamed of.

While you are preparing for Competitive exams, the only mantra you should recite every minute is Practice Practice Practice.

I hated every minute of training, but I said, β€˜Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.” – Muhammad Ali.

Read Everyday. Practice Quizzes Everyday. Practice Puzzles & Aptitude Problems Everyday. Don’t count the days, make the days count. A champion is someone who gets up when he can’t. To become a champion, fight one more round.

You can finish studying the whole syllabus in two or three months. But If you do not revise before the exam, you will not be able to remember anything.

Always update yourself. At the end of the day, ask yourself – What you have done today? Talk to yourself everyday. That alone will change you.

Mistake Number Three – Reading News Paper Without Knowing How To Read

Do not read the newspaper passively like a layman. Who are you now? You should not be the same person who just read Sports Column and Cinema Column in the Newspaper. You are not in college anymore. Instead it should be read purposefully with an exam-oriented approach. Do not read each and every news item. Not all news items are important from exam point of view.

If you are reading a News, always put some effort to know it’s background. Note it separately.

In DayTodayGK’s Current Affairs Section, you can see some background information or some extra facts related to a particular News. That’s how you should read. It’s not possible for any website to cover all the Current Affairs. It is like a big Ocean. Even though we try to cover everything, I would recommend you to study via Newspaper. Obviously The Hindu is the best.

Never Ever think it’s okay to skip News Papers for couple of days. Also don’t rely on Monthly PDFs. These things are just to revise.

The advantage of reading Newspaper is you can also improve your English.

Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning can be mastered in one or two months. But you can’t do the same when it comes to Current Affairs and English. It takes it’s own time. You need Perseverance (persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success)

If you feel Reading Editorials is very tough, then you can read our Read Editorial With D2G.

Mistake Number Four – Eating your Own Precious Time

The First Rank goes to Facebook

The fault is not with Facebook. It’s with you. Everything has it’s own merits and demerits. It’s all about how we utilize it. In Facebook, there are so many groups and people share Materials, update News, conducts Quizzes…etc. These are all good. But not everyone is matured enough to handle Facebook in a right manner. They lose their focus and it cost them big.

The Second Rank goes to Disqus

Asking for up votes. Really? God Please help these souls.

I know a guy who has 25,000 plus Up Votes. One day I saw his comment in all the websites. He usually collects information from various sources and put it in all the websites and gets up votes. I talked to him. He proudly says he gets around 200 to 300 votes a day. WoW. He deserves a huge clap here.

He has three years of experience in this job. Excellent right. He is still doing the same.

You wanna end up like him?? The decision is yours.

Friends. Disqus is an excellent platform. But most of the people don’t use it correctly. That’s the main reason we stopped conducting Discussion Nights in DayTodayGK.



Mistake Number Five – Trusting Blindly

Never trust any predictions. Believe it only if it comes from the OFFICIAL SITE. Usually all the sites do this. They release the syllabus. They even say you will get five questions from this particular topic and four questions from this topic. Never believe that. They are literally cheating you.

For Example, most of the Websites predicted Five Questions from Quadratic Equations and Five from Inequality for IBPS PO Mains. But what happened? No questions came from these topics in Exam.

No one is Nostradamus here. Always rely on Official Site alone.

Don’t make your preparation plan based on Predictions. Instead, you can try your luck at free series 7 exam mock papers (if that is the exam you are preparing for). That way you can increase your ability to tackle the particular types of questions that you might get in your paper. Also don’t trust someone if he or she says this particular topic is tough and it’s better to skip it. Please remember that the brains are different for you and your Friend.

Mistake Number Six – Study Circle

Study Circle plays a major role in your Exam Preparation Phase.

What are the plus points in having a good Study Circle?

  • Knowledge Sharing.
  • Information Sharing.
  • Giving you the Motivation when you need.
  • You will get many good friends.
  • You can easily access yourself. You will get a clear picture of where you stand.

But having a Bad Study Circle will make the situation worse. You may end up like a guy who has 25,000 up votes.

Friendship is good. It is needed for the life. But you should know the difference between the hands to hold and the hands to shake.

Mistake Number Seven – Believing in Luck

There is no word called LUCK. Hard work pays. Dedication pays. But Luck?? Nope.

Click the Answer only when you know the answer. Again don’t go with the mindset that the cut off will be this. So you have to attend this many questions in a particular category. Nowadays everyone is becoming Nostradamus. They predict everything. They predict sectional/overall cutoff even before the exams. I have seen this in so many Facebook Groups.

My dear Friend. Don’t believe them. They are just trying to act smart. The fact is they aren’t smart. In the exam, just Answer the questions you know. It’s triple okay if it is less than what Mr X the Great, predicted and posted in the Facebook Group, a day before the exam.

There is no chance for LUCK here. Only losers believe in LUCK. I know you are not a Loser. Good Luck is just a residue of your preparation. It’s all about how hard you work and how dedicated you are.

Mistake Number Eight – Loosing Coolness

This usually happens when you are writing the exam. So many people have faced this and come out the hall with utmost sadness in their face.

You have started the exam. At one point of time you have stuck in a problem. Let it be a Puzzle in Reasoning Section. You are not able to find a solution. You tried again and wasted another five minutes. This is when you need to be cool as our Captain MSD. Just Five minutes gone. So what? You still have 100 minutes left. Just skip the question and move to the next.

There is no point in thinking about that particular Five minutes and Five marks. Who knows? Other sections may be very easy and if you are cool, you can solve those in lesser time and come back to this particular tough one at the end. Don’t get tensed. Don’t let the fear to rule the entire exam session. Fear can’t be the driving force. So please don’t feed your fears. Fear is a mind killer.

Believe in yourself. If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse. Dreams don’t work unless you do. When you feel like quitting, think about why you started. The Expert in anything was once a beginner.

Be Strong. Be Positive.


Thanks to everyone who gave their inputs for this Article. You can share your views about this Article in the Comment Section. You can also share about the mistakes you have done in your Preparation Phase and how you rectified it.

Thank You πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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