Top 5 Expected Essay and Letter Topics in SBI PO Mains

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Candidates who a have successfully qualified for prelims exam as per the declared SBI PO are now eligible to attend SBI PO Mains 2017. The main examination will be conducted on June 4. GD-PI will be conducted by SBI on July 10th for candidates who have qualified mains 2017.

Now coming to SBI PO Descriptive Paper, the qualified candidates must write a letter of one fifty words along with an essay that constituting two hundred and fifty (250) to three hundred and fifty (350) word count. The time duration provided for the candidates will be half an hour (30 minutes). The content of the essay is one of the vital factors that determines candidates scoring in this descriptive paper.

Category of Expected Essay Topics

Most of the topics that may appear in mains are either pertaining to social issues or current affairs that will have an impact on our economy and society. Hence candidates have to be up to date on current affairs not just in our country but across the globe. Based on the pattern of essay writing topics that was asked in previous year’s papers there is a collective list of expected essay topics stated below.

List of Expected Essay Topics

  • Women Empowerment in India
  • WhatsApp overturn in India
  • Effects on H1B Visa on India
  • Despair of NPAs in the country
  • Demonitization

List of Expected Letter Topics

  • Letter to an Editor of Newspaper: Write a letter to an editor regarding increasing cyber crimes in your town/city and measure to eradicate it.
  • Letter to a Principle: Write a formal letter to the Principal to increase security in college and hostel premises.
  • Letter to a Manager: Write a letter to a bank manager regarding the procedure and time required for paying EMI.
  • Letter to a Friend: Write a letter to a friend regarding the preparation of various competitive exams such as Bank Exams, Indian Railways and UPSC Civil Service Examinations.
  • Letter to a Student: Write a letter to a student preparing for his 12th board examination and give him tips on how to score 90% marks in board exam.

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