Tips And Tricks -3

Dear Aspirants, This is helpful in  your competitive exams.

* Trick to remember Countries of ASEAN

Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Trick to remember for ASEAN( CM Ke election me Ghar Ghar me BPL Ke TV or SIM Card Diye ge)
Countries Name of ASEAN
First (CM)
C – Combodia
M – Malaysia

Second (BPL)
B – Brunai
P – Philipines
L – Lavos

Third (TV)
T – Thailand
V – Vietnam

Fourth (SIM)
S – Singapore
I – Indonesia
M – Mynamar

ASEAN was preceded by an organisation formed in 1961 called the Association of Southeast Asia (ASA), a group consisting of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand. ASEAN itself was created on 8 August 1967, when the foreign ministers of five countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand, signed the ASEAN Declaration, more commonly known as the Bangkok Declaration.

* Trick to remember Countries of SCO

 Shanghai Cooperation Organization
TRUCKK ( Trick to remember to (All the Member go to  Meeting in a TRUCKK)

T – Tajikistan R – Russia
U – Uzbekistan
C – China
K – Kyrgyzstan
K – Kazakhstan

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO), or Shanghai Pact, is a Eurasian political, economic, and military organisation which was founded in 2001 in Shanghai by the leaders of the People’s Republic of China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russian Federation, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan. These countries, except for Uzbekistan had been members of the Shanghai Five, founded in 26 April 1996; after the inclusion of Uzbekistan in 2001, the members renamed the organisation. On July 10, 2015, the SCO decided to admit India and Pakistan as full members. Headquarter in Beijing.