This diwali Burn the Evil not the crackers


Diwali is the most auspicious occasion of Hindus. Since my childhood I have seen people burning the crackers and as a kid i always loved it. I always wondered how can one not burn crackers in Diwali. But as I grew up, I realise that Diwali is not about burning crackers but the evil inside us.

There is a good and bad inside everyone. We all have certain bad and good qualities, the only difference is of the ratio  good: bad. We are busy in decorating our home, cladding ourselves in beautiful clothes, hiding the flaws of our skin with the make up. Basically, we are trying to look like someone which we are not.

What is the use of decorating our home, if we are not kind enough to lit someone’s home. What is the use of wearing new clothes,if we are not kind enough to to cover someone who need them the most.

What is the use of hiding those scars on our face, when we least concerned to remove the invisible scars on our soul. What is the use of worshiping the goddess Lakshmi, when we as human hit women, rape her, kill her for not giving us dowry.

What is the use of improving the outer beauty, when in reality we are ugly from inside. What is the use of calling ourselves human, when we do not have any heart for animals, who are brutally affected by the noise of crackers.

What is the use of complaining to god about the earth quakes and natural calamities. When we don’t even think for a second before bursting the crackers and spreading Air pollution.

The evils are enormous and list is endless. The only thing we need to find one and work on ourselves so that we can become a better person next diwali. Diwali is not just about puja, dressing in beautiful clothes and burning the crackers. It is a lot more than that.

It is the not just the festival but a chance for us to become a better human. It is the celebration of humanity.

This time celebrate diwali zara hat ke. Burn the evil not the crackers.

Be the change you want..:):)

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