The Top 10 Initiatives of D2G

Hello Everyone,

In a bid to give an additional boost to your studies, Daytodaygk team has come up with various initiatives like Read editorials, InterviewMigration, Quick gyan etc….and we are overwhelmed to see the response from your side.
Believe us or not but your appreciation is what keeps us going. So, to serve you  better..we have now come up with more interesting toppings(Initiative). Hope you like them.

10 initiative

Below are the Top Ten Initiative of Daytodaygk, you MUST KNOW:

1. Quick Gyan :
As the word itself describes, it imparts Gyan (knowledge) in a Quick way. It is an abstract of the Current Affairs happened in a particular day. It is like a capsule useful to every student with no side effect. It is posted every day.

2. Wordsmith :
The main aim of this initiative is to make you a craftsman of words. Ten words are posted each day along with the meaning in Hindi, Telgu and Tamil.

3. Decode Series :
Our team is consists of experts in various field. Each Individual is adept at their particular subject. They put their best to decode a particular topic in a simple yet effective manner. It is posted in odd days.

4. Read Editorial with D2G :
Hate to read newspaper! Don’t worry we are here to help because studying with D2g is fun. It is like a single arrow which helps to achieve two targets. One- it helps you to read newspaper everyday and second it improves your vocabulary.. It is posted every day.

5. Easy Notes :
We provide super easy and flexible notes which are often proved to be very useful for a Layman. We crafts the words in an easy language and present to you for your perusal. It is published in odd days.

6. Inside ‘n Out :
This is the new initiative started by Daytodaygk. This is the first topping- Yojana. This covers the latest yojanas implemented by government. It will be updated every alternate day.

7. The Xploration:
This is the new addition and tastiest topping among all. This initiative helps you to explore the areas where you never landed up. This Covers the Review, Story, Static GK, News, Personality and many more. Can’t wait to see? same here. But, believe us, It is worth waiting for. It will be published every Sunday.

8. Weekly CA PDF :
Why only stick to the Lengthy Monthly pdf? when you can actually have a handy weekly pdf. Don’t believe us! I bet you would love it. It is published every week.

9. InterviewMagination :
This is the costly topping, we provide. Costly! yes! as it is in heavy demand. Just kidding. This Initiative aims at grooming you from an armature to a professional. Be it Questions and answers or confidence hacks or dress code. we have all in a single box. It is published in odd days.

10. Job Notification:
Last but not the least, this is also a new add on to Daytodaygk. You don’t have to move to other sites for the Job notification any more. Now, we provide you when and whenever it comes.


Guide to progress: We understand that you have a tough journey to cover and it is normal to have a feeling of giving up. This initiative is to help you in your rough time, when you need someone the most. So, when you feel lost, this section and we bet you will be refilled with positive energy and a strong urge to clear your exams. It is published once in a week.