Srinagar Declared as ‘World Craft City’ by World Crafts Council

The biggest city in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir is Srinagar. It was recently named a “World Craft City” by the World Crafts Council. This award was shared on social media by the office of the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Manoj Sinha.

How Important the Award Is

Srinagar is known as a “World Craft City,” which shows how skilled and hardworking the people who work there are. People all over the world respect and value their traditional crafts and skills, which have made their culture richer. This award is meant to recognize and protect the many crafts that are only found in Srinagar.

Effects on the economy and community in the area

Srinagar’s business is expected to improve a lot now that it is a “World Craft World.” More tourists are likely to come because of the award, which will be good for local businesses and the sale of traditional crafts. It is also thought that this honor will encourage young people in the area to learn and keep up with traditional skills. The World Crafts Council calling Srinagar a “World Craft City” is a big deal in its history. Not only does it honor the skilled artists in the area, but it also spreads the word around the world that Srinagar is a great place to make beautiful things. It looks like this honor will help people learn more about other cultures and bring more business to the area.

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