Shhhhhhh….No More Lies!

We often lie to our parents, teachers, relatives, friends and strangers. Sometimes we lie because we are too scared of the truth. Sometimes we lie because we are afraid of punishments. Sometimes we lie because lying is an easy escape. Sometimes we lie because we just want to have  fun.

Throughout life, we are taught to speak truth. Stay true and loyal to the people around us. I personally think- before being true to other people. We should be true to ourselves. Stop pleasing yourself with false lies. Have a beautiful conversation with yourself.

Take an off from the mundane life. A life full of myths, fears, uncertainties, advises, hatred or love. Just take a break and spend some time to know yourself better. Have a look at your life. Look around. What do you see? Happy faces, successful people, everything seems perfect except you. Amidst by these people, you  found yourself as the most miserable person in the world. You think God has been unfair and partial to you. Is it true? No, It is not. You see their smiles, but do you even care to  know- there lies a sadness in their heart beneath those happy faces. You see the success which is apparent, but do you know they failed umpteenth times before they got this success. Remember- Grass is always greener on the other side.

Now, it is time to work on your Grass. Grass that has been decayed due to umpteenth lies. Now, you should stop worrying about others grass if it is greener or not. People say you shouldn’t look at your past but i say, you should. Because, it is full of lies, mistakes, failures. You should explore your past, not to grieve over it but to make sure that you never repeat the same mistakes in your future and never console yourself with those false lies.

Remember the first time you comforted yourself with lie. Remember, the first time you failed in a subject and you consoled yourself by saying, “ Only  5 students are passed in this subject. Rest of the class is fail, so it doesn’t make a lot of difference.”

Remember the first time you bunked your class and you comforted yourself with another lie, “If you won’t do it now, Then when? It is the right age.”

Remember the day when your XIIth class result arrived and you got bad percentage and you again told a lie , Oh my God! I got 80%. I don’t know “How”? I thought i will only get 70%”.…… and the list is endless. Now, you think you are no longer attached to those lies as it has now become a Habit.

Amidst by the successful friends, cousins… you curse your destiny and God for being unfair to you. Whom are you cursing? God. But for what? for your failures, humiliation. No one is a responsible for your destiny, but you and your lies.

Now you realise, life is not just about having friends, making girlfriend/boyfriend, going to parties. Finally you see the reality. you see the pride missing in your parents eyes. You want to make them and yourself proud. But you are  scared of humiliation, failures,lies, truths and past.

Not to repeat same mistakes again you go to your elders, successful friends, bright cousins and seniors to guide you. You pull the courage together and tell them that you are opting government exams like SSC, UPSC, IBPS etc… as your career. They give you a blank look as if you have cracked a poor joke. And then after a while, finally they advice you- ” These are tough exams with the passing percentage of 2. You are already too weak in English and Mathematics, you wouldn’t make it. So, opt a graduation course and do a job with modest salary.”

And then seeing your past academics records you again believe someone else’s advice and once again you tell yourself another lie- “He is right. I am not Intelligent enough to crack these exams. I should rather opt for decent graduation course and shouldn’t make anymore mistakes.”

And Once again a lie decides your dream and you never tried to persuade your dreams because you are too scared of the truth- ” You can do anything and become anything.”Because people around you make you believe that you are not capable of doing it.

While you read this article, I don’t know, who you are? what do you do? what are your interests? what are your capabilities? Frankly, I am not anyone to Judge you.

The only thing i know is- it is you who sets your limits. You couldn’t achieve something yesterday doesn’t mean that you can not achieve it today. You were stupid yesterday doesn’t mean you can not be wise today. You had the rough yesterday doesn’t mean that you can not  have a beautiful today. I believe, it is never too late to pursue your dreams as  long as you have the courage to see them. You can do anything, if you love what you do. Don’t do anything for your parents or to impress your partner’s parents because you want to get married. Do it for yourself. Ask yourself, Do you love what you do? Do you really want it? If yes, there lies a path, no matter if it is full of thorns or flowers. you have to put your foot forward and  walk, run, fall because there lies you ultimate destiny.

Remember, No fear can surpass the courage. No lies can shut the ultimate truth which is

” You Can do anything and achieve your dreams- If you Believe in you.”

 Note: This article is written by Prerika Gupta. No part of this article will be reproduced without the  consent of Author. This article is the sole property of