General Knowledge Quiz – Set Thirty Six

Science quiz

1. Transfer of naked DNA is observed in
a) Transformation
b) Transduction
c) Conjugation
d) Transformtion

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Answer a) Transformation

2. The synthesis of DNA using DNA as a template is called
a) Recombination
b) Replication
c) Induction of gene
d) Gene Repetition

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Answer b) Replication

3. The technique used to amplify the DNA in IN VITRO
a) PSR
b) TCR
c) PCR

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Answer c) PCR (PCR – Polymerase chain reaction)

4. The nitrogen bases in DNA are bonded by
a) Phosphate
b) Deoxyribose
c) Ribose
d) Hydrogen

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Answer a) Phosphate

5. The smallest unit of heridity
a) chromosomes
b) Gene
c) Codon
d) Nucleotide

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Answer b) Gene

6. In Bacteria DNA is
a) 3-stranded
b) 1-stranded
c) 4-stranded
d) 2-stranded

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Answer b) 1-stranded

7. The diameter of DNA molecule is
a) 10 A
b) 20 A
c) 3.4 A
d) 34 A

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Answer c) 3.4 A

8. DNA was first isolated from
a) Nuclei
b) Golgi complex
c) Mitochondrion
d) Endoplasmic reticulum

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Answer a) Nuclei

9. which form of agar have gelling property?
a) Agarose
b) Agaropectin
c) Both a and b
d) neither a nor b

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Answer a) Agarose

10. feature of nuclear envelope include
a) Paplomers
b) Presence of pilli
c) Tubules
d) None

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Answer d) None

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