General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fifty Seven

1. The aminio acids which containd sulphur
a) Cysteine, methionine
b) Methionine, serine
c) Proline, Valine
d) Valine, methionine

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Answer a) Cysteine, Methionine

2. The Simplest Known Amino Acids is
a) Glycine
b) Proline
c) Serine
d) Valine

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Answer a) Glycine

3. Pulses contain large amount of
a) Proteins
b) Carbohydrates
c) Vitamins
d) All of the above

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Answer a) Proteins

4. In Plant Tissue Culture, Totipotency means
a) Flowering in culture medium
b) Development of Organ from Tissue under medium
c) Development of fruit
d) None

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Answer b) Development of Organ from tissue Under medium

5. In palnt tissue Cultue, Which part shows maximum totipotency?
a) Xylem
b) Phloem
c) Meristem
d) Stem

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Answer c) Meristem

6. In Plant Tissue Culture, The process of mitosis ois being accelarated under the presence of ____ in the culture media
a) Auxin, Cytokinin
b) Auxin onle
c) Gibberlins and Auxin
d) All of the above

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Answer a) Auxin, Cytokinin

7. Among the following which amino acids has the highest buffering capacity
a) Histidine
b) Cysteine
c) Valine
d) Serine

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Answer a) Histidine

8. In Plant Tissue Culture, the callus is grown in plantlet by altering the concentration of _______
a) Amino acid
b) Glucose
c) Hormone
d) Al of the above

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Answer c) Hormone

9. Which among the following is a type of Tomato fruit?
a) Berry
b) Pome
c) Drupe
d) None

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Answer a) Berry

10. The food wrapped in newspaper is likely to get contaminated with which of the following

a) Chromium
b) Lead
c) Magnesium
d) Calcium

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Answer b) Lead