General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fifty Eight

1. The Medulla oblongata is commonly called
a) Pons
b) Vital Knot
c) Cerebellum
d) Cerebrum

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Answer b) Vital Knot

2. In animals like Scorpins, thevenom is generally found in
a) Tail
b) Tongue
c) Sting
d) Mouth

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Answer c) Sting

3. Birds Excrete nitrogenous waste in the form of the
a) Urea
b) Uric Acid
c) Ammonia
d) Ammonic Acid

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Answer b) Uric Acid

4. The length of the spinal cord is about
a) 45 cm
b) 50 cm
c) 10 cm
d) 32 cm

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Answer a) 45 cm

5. Which of the following antibody is predominantly found in saliva is
a) IgA
b) IgB
c) IgD
d) IgE

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Answer a) IgA

6. The hormone Testosterone is produced from which of the cell
a) Leydig Cells
b) Islets of Langherhans
c) Cortical Cells
d) None

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Answer a) Leydig Cells

7. In which of the forms do carbohydrates get stored in the animal body?
a) Glucose
b) Sucrose
c) Cellulose
d) Glycogen

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Answer d) Glycogen

8. The outer convex region of kidney is called __________
a) Cortex
b) Medulla
c) Nephrons
d) None

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Answer a) Cortex

9. In Biology, what is the process of naming an organism?
a) Systematics
b) Nomenclature
c) Taxonomy
d) Classification

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Answer b) Nomenclature

10. Which of the following worm phyla has a tough outer cuticle that undergoes ecdysis?
a) Nematodes
b) Annelida’s
c) Archodermata
d) Nemertea

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Answer a) Nematodes

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