General Knowledge Quiz – Set Twenty Four

Science QUiz

1. Bioleaching is done by
a) Protozoa
b) Bacteria
c) Algae
d) All of the above

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Answer b) Bacteria

2. The apparatus used to maintain in a continuous culture
a) Chemostat
b) Autostat
c) Thermostat
d) Both a and c

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Answer a) chemostat

3. The most infectious food borne disease is
a) Tetanus
b) Dysentery
c) Gas gangrene
d) Botulism

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Answer d) botulism

4. Spirochete is
a) Gonococci
b) Staphylococci
c) Treponema pallidum
d) Streptococci

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Answer c) Treponema pallidum

5. Which of the following is the characteristic of bacterial spore?
a) Highly refractile
b) Usually dehydrated
c) Sensitive to formaldehyde
d) All of these

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Answer d) All of these

6. Fungi differs with bacteria in that it _______
a) Contain no peptidoglycan
b) Are prokaryotic
c) Susceptible to griseofulvin
d) Have nuclear membranes
e) All of these

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Answer e) all of these

7. The largest protozoa is ___________
a) Balantidium coli
b) Entamoeba coli
c) Trichomonus vaginalis
d) Toxoplasma gond

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Answer a) balantidium coli

8. Anthrax is a
a) Vector borne
b) Zoonotic infection
c) Wound bone
d) Soil borne

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Answer b) zoonotic infection

9. Lysol is a
a) Sterilent
b) Disinfectant
c) Antiseptic
d) Antifungal agent

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Answer b) Disinfectant

10. In autoclave, the principle involved is
a) Dry heat
b) Moist heat
c) Steam under pressure
d) Both b and c

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Answer d) Both b and c

11. At the temperature 160oC for one hour, complete sterilization occurs in
a) Autoclave
b) Laminar flow
c) Incubator
d) Hot air oven

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Answer d) Hot air oven

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