General Knowledge Quiz – Set Fifty Four

1. EL NINO is called as
a) A Monsoon
b) A walker
c) East pacific Rise
d) A southern oscillation

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Answer d) southern oscillation

2. Human Usage is continuously decreasing Earths Diversity. State True or False

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Answer a) True

3. What is LTER?
a) A laser altimeter
b) Any isotope of oxygen that weighs less than O-18
c) a field site
d) none

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Answer d) None

4. Does Evolution and natural selection are the similar mechanism. State True or False
a) True
b) False

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Answer b) False

5. Science believes on evidence rather than consensus. state true or false
a) True
b) False

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Answer a) True

6. Darwin spent 5 years sailing around the world on the
a) H.S Beagle
b) H.S Species
c) H.S Parasites
d) H.S Evolution

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Answer a) H.S Beagle

7. Which represents the smallest levels of group of organization?
a) Cells
b) Tissues
c) Population
d) Organs

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Answer a) cells

8. Lakes are more saline than oceans
a) True
b) False

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Answer a) True

9. A gyre is an
a) Ocean circulation
b) Abyssal Zone
c) Benthic Zone
d) Fresh Zone

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Answer a) Oceanic Circulation

10. From among following Intertidal zones are characterized by which phenomenon
a) Variable temperature
b) Constant humidity
c) Random Species Distribution
d) None

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Answer a) Variable Temperature

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